Akbarpur - Maharajji's Birthplace

Akbarpur, U. P., Maharajji's BirthplaceAkbarpur is Neem Karoli Baba's birthplace. 

Maharaj-ji was born in this village and lived here as a child and then also at a later time.

Akbarpur is a very small village in an agricultural area of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

There are no lodging or other facilities in Akbarpur or at the new temple. Rarely visited by Westerners.....

In January 2001, a three day Inauguration Ceremony was held dedicating 22 murtis at a temple in this village.

Bhumiadar Ashram & Hanuman Mandir

Maharajji's Bhumiadar Ashram, UttarakandMaharajji's Bhumiadar Ashram is small ashram in the Kumaon Hills is near Maharajji's Hanumanghari and Kainchi Ashram.

Hanumanji was inaugurated in 1967, and Maharaj-ji frequently stayed there.

There are several stories about events that happened with Maharaj-ji at this ashram.

Maharaj-ji often stayed at this ashram while westerners were staying at Kainchi.

Delhi Ashram

Maharajji's Delhi Ashram in MehrauliDelhi Ashram has many murtis, including the second biggest Annapoorna Mandir in India with a series of delightful bells to be rung as devotees climb the stairs up and also on the way down. Delhi Ashram is noted for it's spirit of giving. This ashram has created a hospital and two schools. This ashram feeds schoolchildren every day. In January 2001, a large new goshala (dairy) was inaugurated here.

This ashram is the source of many photos and books about Maharaj-ji. Maharaj-ji's Delhi Ashram is about one half hour drive southwest of New Delhi to Mehrauli. Outside of Mehrauli you go to Jonapur on Mandi Road past the farms and the village about 2 km on the left.

North Delhi Hanuman Temple

Maharajji's North Delhi Hanuman TempleNorth Delhi Hanuman temple. This little temple is hidden beneath a flyover of Mahatma Gandhi Marge near the Yamuna River in North New Delhi.

Inaugurated on December 4, 1965, this temple is now almost 'secret'.

It is very difficult to find with a very obscure entrance in an unlikely place just north of the Ladakh Tibetan Market.

This temple along with the small ashram was built by Maharajji and funded by Jugal Kishor Birla, who had no children and left his fortune to various religious trusts.


Maharajji's Hanumanghar Ashram, Naini TalInaugurated in 1951, this is reportedly the first temple established by Maharaj-ji.

This extensive ridge top temple has exquisite views on a clear day.

Hanumanghari temple is about 2 km from Nani Tal. It's a nice walk if the skies are clear. If it's raining you can go by car.

Arati is performed daily, morning and evening. On certain days specific devotional practices such as Hanuman Chalisas are done.

Check at the temple for complete schedule.