Escape from Welcome

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiLong ago, when the journey to Badrinath was more difficult and you could only get a bus as far as Pipalkoti, many devotees went on a pilgrimage to Badrinath with Baba. Tularam Sah, Habba and family, Girish, and Umadatt Shukla were among those that accompanied him.

Advance information had been sent to Mr. Nautiyal, who was the manager of the Kali Karrili Dharamsala, Badrinath. He had made arrangements for a grand reception for Baba at a place called Devdarshan, and all devotees from Badrinath had assembled there to welcome him.

Baba was riding on a "dandi" [a kind of seat carried on the shoulders of four men] and all the other devotees were following him on foot. A crowd of people had gathered at Devdarshan to receive Baba. Baba and his devotees walked through the crowd unseen. They still stood there waiting for him.

Arriving at Badrinath, Baba asked the devotees with him to stay in a dharamsala and he himself rested in a cow shed at Badrivan.

When Mr. Nautiyal came to know that Baba had arrived and was staying in the cow shed, he went there for darshan. Mr. Nautiyal did not understand how people who wanted to have Baba's darshan, simply did not see him and the group of devotees pass by. Devdarshan is such a small place, how was it possible?

Baba looked at him and smiled.