Farewell to a Devotee

One evening Baba came to the house of Ramesh Chandra Bannerjee, the president of Government College, Nainital, and went on talking late into the night.

At one point Baba suddenly covered himself with his blanket and sobbed. His behavior stunned everyone.

Baba then got up to leave the house, but Ramesh's son Sushital, who was a young man at the time, said to Baba, "I will not let you go alone so late at night. If you have to go now, let me accompany you."

Baba kept quiet, and the two of them went from Nainital to Bhowali Sanatorium on foot. They went into a room where Baba's devotee was lying sick. The man offered pranaam to Baba with folded hands, and shedding tears of love, he said, "Baba, I have just remembered you. It was my desire that I should see you before I die."

Maharaj did not speak and looked at him with eyes full of tears. The devotee was immersed in joy, and his face brightened in contentment. He slowly closed his eyes and died in Baba's presence.