In the Form of Destiny

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiIt was the evening of the 9th November 1962, and it had become dark in Bhumiadhar. Outside the temple, by the roadside, Brahmachari baba was warming himself by a fire. Maharaj was sitting alone, in meditation, in his kuti.

A thin, weak man, with long matted hair and wearing shabby and tattered clothes, came and sat quietly near Brahmachari ji. His hands and feet were both twisted.

Brahmachari was looking at him, taking in every detail, when Maharaj came running out shouting, "You have come, you have come" and sat with them by the fire. As Brahmachari ji was in Baba's service, he got up and stood beside him.

Baba asked the visitor, "Where have you come from and where are you going to?" He replied, "I have come from Pilibhit and am going to Meerut. "

Brahmachari ji wondered to himself why he had come to Bhumiadhar instead of going directly from Pilibhit to Meerut. Just then Baba asked, "What is the purpose?" He said, "Lal Bahadur Shastri is to be made the Prime Minister."

Hearing this, Brahmachari was surprised, as there was no question of making Shastri Prime Minister in the lifetime of Jawahar Lal Nehru.

After that Baba enquired about his devotees one by one. The first question Baba asked was about Brahmachari j i who was standing by him. The man s aid, " Brahmachari i s the guru of sadhus."

many questions like that one, Baba asked about Tularam Sah saying, "He is lying sick in Ramsay Hospital, what about him?" With a heavy heart he said, "It is not good that you save everyone. He will certainly die on the seventh day from today. "

Baba at once got up and returned to his kuti. The stranger also went on his way and disappeared at once. On the seventh day after this incident, the 16th November 1962, Tularam passed away. No duration of time was mentioned about Shastriji but he became Prime Minister after a year and a half.

Brahmachari ji believes that it was all Baba's lila and he himself was present in two different forms.