Mukunda: About Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji

Sri Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiEven the beggar becomes a king, the lame persons are able to walk or even fly, the blind is able to see this universe, and many of the difficult writings of the destiny which are at the forehead of a person can be wiped out.  Even the fundamental essence of a person or a personality or a being can be made to change.

A poet has said while comparing the river and a saint that the river actually flows from higher to the bottom because that is the very nature of a river and she is tied by that, not for her personal pleasure, but because that is her personal nature to be pure, to be graceful, and to become compassionate for the well-being of others.  And, that is precisely what the saints do.

The river is able to quench the thirst of numberless persons residing by its bank and, is able to eradicate the fears and not for only those people but it becomes a medium for the quenching of the thirst and of the hunger of many more millions and everybody.  It suffers very gladly the ice, the heat, the rain, even overcomes all the thorns all the pebbles, all the impediments on its path.  She suffers, she moves them and is able to make her own road or a course just for the purpose of helping others, serving others.  That is for the very purpose of others welfare and she does so without any distinction who is a good person and who is a bad person. and finally goes and merges into the big ocean.  

And, in the same way, the saints and fakirs come on this mortal earth in this physical world and not for their personal pleasure not for satisfaction of their personal greed or personal desires but for bringing peace, happiness, prosperity, enlightenment to everybody.  They become a small or a partial essence of the great father, the God himself, and they actually carry the total godly powers and the capacities.  

These saints, these perfect saints appear or incarnate in the form of gurus or teachers.  They are actually liberated themselves, but they come for the purpose of revamping the faith of a faithful one and protecting him from a disbelief, for granting the fearlessness to the one who is riddled with fear, to grant liberation from all the misery which have come on a person by his own actions when he is very much troubled, shaken, helpless, absolutely weakened and very unhappy.  It is at that time they come.  

They themselves suffer all the misery just in order to give happiness to man and to protect man from all the terrible storms created by maya the attachment.  They reestablish the limitations of human conduct or the moral conduct and they are constantly busy in making a person understand what is the true goal or ideal of human life so that such a mortal person is able to live in a manner so that a society which is united, which is peaceful, and which is happy can be recreated or can reborn itself or brought about.  They don't come to get anything out of it.  They actually come only to give.

They are complete in whatever way that we can think of.  They actually play the physical man's way when they come into this world and they actually make their devotees alert towards the temporality of this world by playing the role of a man.  And they actually come to give some kind of a pillar or a post or a support of devotion, of liberation, of peace, of some kind of comfort by way of his own spiritual umbrella to the very miserable human life.

They actually build a spiritual empire or a spiritual universe through which a man is able to recognize his humanness and is able to broaden or make the road easy for one's own liberation.  They actually come and bring the message of love by identifying with the personality of the Lord himself for the man.  They not only tell us what is heaven or paradise but actually they construct or build a kind of a paradise on this very physical world, Earth, for the community of his devotees.  

They do not hold, they actually come to distribute and throw away to everybody and just cast to everybody or open to everybody the fame, the prosperity, the happiness, the peace.  Absolutely unreservedly he does that or they do that from his own cornucopia or storehouse which is never empty.

They themselves remain distant or away from fame and prosperity.  They actually condemn that, and they actually abandon that, and they make the people dependent upon them, taste that fame, that prosperity so that those people are satisfied and know the true character of the fame and prosperity and then rise above such desires and that the freedom to those people who are dependent on them.  They actually cast for these devotees the pearls of the mystery of Ram.  

They make this mortal human being achieve and reinvent or recognize or receive his godliness.  But they incarnate on this Earth for such divine actions and Shri Baba Neem Karoli Maharaj came to us or arrived amidst us with his divine virtues, actions, and nature for the purpose of freeing, with the help of his divine lilas, many of his devotees who were suffering from miseries of the physical world and who were dependent upon him, on his feet or surrender to his feet, life after life and for freeing many other poor accursed people even devotees of God of the misery which takes place on account of the bodily birth, on account of this physical nature of the reality, on account of some divine activity like a storm, etc.

So, he had come to free people with the help of his amazing lilas and divine lilas.  For this purpose, he not only created in the ashrams, but also in their homes, a kind of a heaven by freely giving prosperity from his unending storehouse or inexhaustible supply and he did so without any distinction of who deserved who did not deserve, who was saint who was not a saint, who was devotee, who was not a devotee.  And, he gave such a support to his community of devotees and those people who had completely surrendered and depended upon him, a kind of support from his enlightening lilas that not only they became successful by virtue of that in this world, but even their final or the chief aim, liberation was also constructed or built.  

He never distinguished.  Without any distinctions he became the very virtues of the person who had no virtues, the eyes of the blind, the support of the weak and frail, the friend of the poor or helpless.  He became the very mother and father and fed numberless hungry people and he gave support to the person who had no support.  He became actually the bridge for crossing over this ocean of physical reality or personal birth for many of the devotees and the knowledge of the people and in the course of that he granted them or he gave them the very essence of the happiness of love for God.  A person who was untouchable, he owned him in such a manner that his name became his only wealth.  Babaji, who was the rescuer of the poor, he remained busy in such action every minute, every morning and evening, day and night, throughout his life.  

When it came for his own personal self, he gave up his house, he left all the prosperity, he left all his relatives.  He actually abandoned and renounced all the luxury and attachment to the paternal property.  He gave up all the worldly pleasures.  And this too he never revealed to others he actually kept it to himself not letting anybody know.  Nobody in this world found out of this sense of renunciation, this action of renunciation, on his part, his powers and authority, and the very divine self despite his mortal body or the divine self encapsulated by the mortal body.

He actually wandered mostly in the jungles, in the deserts, or deserted places, sometimes with his servants or helpers or even alone whether it was cold or in the rains or in summers.  He would spend his nights on the road on the rocks without any kind of a roof above.  He would move about in the houses, in the villages, in the cities, with a simple cloth, called dhoti and later on a blanket and a chadar or outer cover, cotton outer cover, and, lived off whatever unsavory dried-up food wherever he could find it and he would move about like that and in the process of that, splurging his grace, splurging his compassion and removing the pains of everybody.

He did not keep anything with his own self or as his personal possession.  He gave up his sleep, his rest, even gave up his hunger and his thirst in order to provide happiness to human beings and for uplifting them or rescuing them.  Not only that, he actually completely sacrificed his own fundamental persona, or being, or self and his own life just in order to keep the likings of his own devotees and those who depended upon him.  

He even took over the fruits of the actions of his own devotees, the karmas of his devotees.  And, he even forgave their most heinous crimes.  It has been well said that the Lord does not entertain such thoughts of your errors or mistakes.  And, he did so just out of his own compassionate self or compassionate nature and also to uplift and to rescue the person by any ploy that he could come up with.

Neither did he see or look at peoples shortcomings, nor did he care for or look for peoples rights, nor looked at their actions, nor looked at their class of society a person belonged to.  Whosoever came to his door, he fulfilled that persons desires and in this process he gave up his total mortal life or human life not only among his devotees but for the purpose of making every human being understand the purposefulness of life, its very essence, and for revealing that there is something like godly power.  

Maharaji also, in the course of his lilas with his devotees, demonstrated on one hand the character of Mariada Purshutum Ram, Ram the upholder of moral principles, his morality, his ideals, his forgiveness, his compassion, his kindness, his grace, and the very form of his own love.  

Then on the other hand, in his personality, he demonstrated and brought it to reality the sweetness of the love between Radha and Krishna of the Dvapara Age.  The feeling of the eternal dance that is going on, and on the other hand, giving the knowledge of karma yoga, jnana yoga and actually soaked the devotees in that essence of the love of Krishna for Radha and for the gopis.  And along with that, he also brought out in the form the jnana and dhyana, the knowledge and meditation, yoga of the age of sat, the truth.

When we come to consider this very fact that somebody could be in a moment like Ram, in another moment like Krishna, another moment complete playful form of God with body and act like an ordinary mortal and despite this mortal body show the complete detachment and bring out the lilas of the non-qualified God-Self, and demonstrating and showing these lilas with these many facets and many qualities and soaking them with an emotive understanding of such things and making them aware and making them feel the ultimate joy.  

This kind of capacity, this kind of capability, can only be in one person and that is the perfect being, that is God himself and nobody else because God alone is the perfect being, parampurnapush(?).

That in this dark age of Kali somebody could combine in one body the aspect of union and aspect of taking care by God of the age of Satya and Treta and Dvapara and in such an all-encompassing impact on the lives of the devotees of the Kali age with all kinds of amazing influence that alone is a burning evidence of the fact that Babaji Maharaj was Parambrahma, that is God, and in his each and every speck of his body and personage there was the eternal powers displayed or eternal power was present.  

When I say that Shri Maharaji, who has the capacity to demonstrate in his lila a complete format of the knowledge of meditation, of karma yoga, and devotional love, such a Maharaji was actually the embodiment of that eternal power that moves this solar universe and there is no doubt in it and I am not speaking something out of extra ordinary.  And, all this was done by Babaji Maharaj and all these lilas were brought about or performed in an ordinary human body, with human dress and with human behavior, almost like Ram and Krishna, mere human lila or human action or playful pattern.  

He did not do all this with any special incarnate embodiment or as a yogi  or as a very highly accomplished mahapurush or extraordinary mahatma.  No.  He waded through life as an ordinary person, and it is on account of that, he became very very dear everywhere, became respected everywhere, and became the beloved and the charmer of his loving community of loving devotees.  And, he used actually this weapon in order to keep his secret in tact, the secret of his inner form and his inner essence.  

It is not easy to really do justice with words of his depiction of his form or depiction of Baba Neem Karoli's lilas.  He was such a remarkable personality.  Whatever I saw the tongue did not see and the human mind could not capture it fully.  All this was beyond mind, intellect, and voice.  Everybody knew the greatness of his Lord, of Lord Ram, but still nobody could resist the temptation of saying something about it, and it is in that light that I am also trying to join the company of such singers of the glories of Lord's godliness.  Still, nobody remained without saying something or the other and it is in that sense I am also trying to join the company of each and everybody saying something about him.