Peace And Comfort Beyond Imagination

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOne day in Kainchi, Maharajji asked for puris and vegetables to be prepared throughout the night. Nobody understood the purpose of Baba's order since there was no festival at the ashram. Nevertheless, many hundreds of kilos of puris were fried.

The next day prasad was distributed as usual and much of the food remained. The workers were worried that such a large quantity of food would go waste.

Towards evening a bus went out of control because of some mechanical defect and collided with the parapet of the road just outside the ashram. Its front wheels slipped onto a steep slope, and the bus came to rest in such a way that it blocked the traffic on both sides. About one hundred and fifty buses were stranded. Darkness soon fell on the Kainchi valley, and there seemed to be no way out of the situation. In those days there were no shops in the village except for a small tea stall.

The passengers were planning to spend a cold night in the buses with nothing to eat when Baba sent for everyone and gave them hot tea and plenty of food. The women and children were provided with bedding and accommodated in the ashram. The men were given blankets so that they could spend the night in the buses and keep watch on their luggage. The passengers were amazed and grateful. The comforts and facilities provided to them in that lonely place at that odd hour were totally unexpected.