Roadside Darshan

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiKainchi was on my bus route, so I had seen the construction of the temple and ashram.

There was always a crowd of devotees there, and I always drove past. I never went to have Baba's darshan because I could not leave the bus.

The Bhumiadhar temple had been constructed earlier and was also on my route.

One day, while I was driving to Ganai via Bhumiadhar, I saw a large crowd along the way and heard that Baba Nibkarori was there.

I could not stop to have his darshan for the same reason. I consoled myself, thinking that highly enlightened saints are the images of God, therefor if Baba was an enlightened soul, he would know my feelings and give me darshan on his own.

The very next morning, while I was driving past the ashram on my way back to Bareilly, Baba was standing alone at a turn in the road as if he had been waiting for me.

I immediately stopped, got off the bus, and did pranaam to him.

Baba asked, "Where are you going?" and without waiting for a reply  said, "You should never bother a sadhu in this way, understand?" I apologised for my mistake.

                                                                                                                      -Sardar Ranjeet Singh