Testing Maharaj

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiWe were having tea with a dentist at Indra Pharmacy in Nainital when we learned that Maharaj had arrived in Bhumiadhar. The dentist proposed that we go and give Maharaj a test.

He prepared some questions concerning turiyayastha (one of the highest states of samadhi in which the individual self merges with the universal self), and we took a bus to Bhumiadhar.

Baba usually ignored people who came to test him, and we were also treated with a befitting indifference. Since Baba's room was full of devotees and visitors, we did not find any room inside to sit.

We offered pranaam to him from the door and sitting on the shoes that lay scattered outside, had his darshan from there. Baba looked at us  once. Without saying anything to us, he asked one of his devotees to read out of the Yogavashistha. The devotee opened the book at random and started reading from that page.

Whatever he read was the complete answer to my friend's unasked questions. We had nothing in our hearts but the utmost reverence for Baba's supernatural powers. Having offered pranaam to him again, we returned to Nainital. The dentist later became a sadhu.

                                                                                                                 Dr. Ramlal Sah, Haldwani