Dohavali English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiO Lord Raghuvir ! There is no one as poor as I am and there is no one as

helpful to the poor as you are. Considering this fact, please relieve me of

my worldly afflictions.

As a lustful man loves women and a greedy person loves money, O Raghunath,

with the same intensity may I love you.

Lord Ram, the jewel of the Raghu dynasty, protects those who seek his

shelter. He is an ocean of compassion and an enemy of the demon Khara. He

accepts whomsoever takes refuge in him, forgetting all their faults.

O Raghubir ! Having heard of your fame - that you relieve the worldly agonies of those who seek your shelter - I have come to surrender before you. O Ram !

Please save me. Please protect me.

I am not interested in money, religion, or worldly pleasures, nor do I wish

for liberation. I only want the boon of devotion and love for the feet of

Lord Ram, but it has not come.

O Sri Ram ! I repeatedly beg you to grant me the boon of devotion to your

lotus feet and the company of saints.

After describing the qualities of Lord Ram, Lord Shiva went happily to

Kailash. Then Lord Ram allotted residences to the monkeys[who were with him],

which were comfortable in all respects.

O Friend of the Poor; O Bhagavan, blinded by ignorance I am slow[in my

devotion]. My heart is impure and my mind is deluded. It appears that you too

have forgotten me again.

Tulsidas bowed before the Lord with folded hands and prayed,"O Lord, may my

mind and intellect never leave your lotus feet."

O Ram ! I have neither knowledge, bodily strength, nor money to offer. Lame

and lowly as I am, O Lord, only you can save me.

Saint Tulsidas says,"The two letters in the word Ram are just like the

umbrella and the crown." [In Devanagri "Ra" is written in the shape of an

umbrella and "Ma" is written in the position of a crown.]

Tulsidas says,"If a person stays at Kashi for ten thousand kalpas and at

Mathura for one thousand kalpas, the two put together cannot compare with a

second's stay by the bank of the river Sarayu."

The city of Lord Ram is situated by the side of the river Sarayu. There the

Lord's reign is eternal and brave Hanuman is always on guard.

O Lord ! What splendor ! What beauty ![at the sight of Sri Krishna] How can

one describe your grace ? But Tulsidas will only bow before your form when

you take a bow and arrow in your hands.

The flute, the moonlight, and the Gopis all disappeared [on hearing Tulsidas'

prayer]. For the sake of his devotee, Sri Krishna took the form of Lord Ram.

Ayodhya is foremost among all pilgrimage sites. Supreme among the

incarnations is Ram. Janaki[Sita] is the master of all powers. And Hanuman is

chief among servants of the Lord.

All kings were filled with astonishment when Lord Ram took hold of Shiva's

bow and strung it. Janaki was overjoyed to see the graceful form of Sri Ram.

Tulsidas says that meditation on Ram with Janaki on his left side and

Lakshman on his right is highly beneficial and like the wish-fulfilling tree,

bestows bliss on all.

The Lord's complexion is like a blue lotus, sapphire, and blue clouds.

Millions of gods of love cannot match his graceful form.

The face of the Guru is the moon to the chakora-like eyes of a disciple. may

these eyes always be fixed at the feet of the Guru.

O Friends ! Let us go there where Lord Krishna is. We will go for selling our

milk, and we will have the darshan of Sri Krishna. Thus we will be twice


There are four pilgrimage sites in the 84 kosh[measurement of distance]

periphery of Braj. They are Vrindavan, Madhupuri, Barsana, and Nandagram.

There is no forest like Vrindavan, no village like Nandagram, no tree like

Bansivat, and no name like RamaKrishna.

In the pathways of Vrindavan, Mukti[deity of liberation] wails, requesting

Gopal ![Krishna] to tell her how she herself will be liberated.

"Go and lie down in the lane trodden by saints. the dust, risen by their feet

while walking, will fall on your head and automatically you will be


O Radhe ! You are very fortunate. Tell me which penance you have done by

which the master of all the three worlds is under your control.

Sitting in his abode, Lord Ram looks at each and everyone gives to all the

fruits of their labors.

Saint Malukdas says,"The serpent never renders any service, nor do birds do

any work." It is Lord Ram that gives all beings what they need.

Tulsidas says, "Look at the plants in a garden. Some of them get dried up in

spite of repeated irrigation. The trees that depend on God stay green even on

the mountains."

Tulsidas says, "O Jiva ! If you want light inside as well as out, always keep

the gem-studded lamp of Ram's name at the threshold of your heart."

Such is Lord Ram, the friend of the poor, he is merciful without any reason.

Tulsidas says,"Always remember such a Lord. He is merciful to all, whether

they are his devotees or wicked creatures."

Tulsidas says,"Fie upon those who are lazy in remembering God but are always

ready to eat. One should not get affected by such persons."

Tulsidas, says the company of a saint - be it for an hour, half an hour , or

a quarter of an hour - rids one of millions of misdeeds.