Bliss Permeated the Whole Room

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiI never did any spiritual disciplines when I was with Baba. I was too blown away to do anything at all. But one day I did fast, very quietly and without making a big whoop about it. I was simply absent from meals and stayed in the White House during the meal hours.

That afternoon I was hanging out near his office, knowing that he was inside, hoping for a little recognition. I saw a hand reach out the door and wave me inside. I had never been alone with Baba and I was shitting bricks.

I walked inside and bowed, all I can say is bliss permeated the whole room and I was reduced to complete surrender and thought I died and went to heaven.

Maharajji started offering me foods, at first simple foods, then gourmet dishes that takes days to prepare, I kept saying no.

At last, I left, floating on a cloud.

Thirty Seven years later, I'm still not sure what occurred, but I know all of us who love him enjoy a blessing that words fall short of.


Ira Rose