Akbarpur - Maharajji's Birthplace

Akbarpur, U. P., Maharajji's BirthplaceAkbarpur is Neem Karoli Baba's birthplace. 

Maharaj-ji was born in this village and lived here as a child and then also at a later time.

Akbarpur is a very small village in an agricultural area of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

There are no lodging or other facilities in Akbarpur or at the new temple. Rarely visited by Westerners.....

In January 2001, a three day Inauguration Ceremony was held dedicating 22 murtis at a temple in this village.

Over 20,000 persons were fed Maharajji's prasad at a wonderful bhandara.

Whole villages walked many (if not hundreds of) kilometers to attend.

The normally sleepy little village was alive with an electric sort of energy, as so many as so many Maharajji bhaktis met in seva and puja and feeding.