I Have Been With Him Ever Since

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiI first met Maharajji in Bhowali many years ago. Maharajji frequently visited a certain Ma's home there.

I told her that I had heard about him but had never met him, and I asked her to tell me the next time he came.

After a week or so Maharajji came at night. In the morning a message came for me and I went at once.

I found him lying on a cot. He looked at me, then closed his eyes for a moment. He knew at once who I was, who I had been before, and what I was going to do in this world.

 In a few seconds, he said, "I am very pleased to see you," which he repeated many times. Maharajji had walked from Nainital to Bhowali during the night.

  He said, "You have brought me here! I shall see you again in Haldwani."


Then Maharajji boarded a bus for Almora.(In those days he travelled mostly by bus, not by car.) People warned me not to take him seriously: "Neem Karoli is a big liar. He very seldom tells the truth. You can't depend on him."

In any case, I went to Haldwani. After a few days someone came to my room and told me that Maharajji had come to Haldwani and gave me his address. I saw him then and have been with him ever since.