I'll teach you about Brahm

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOnce a Mother came to Maharajji and said,"Maharajji, you always talk about worldly things- how many children, how much education, which job, how much money. Why don't you teach us about Brahm(the Formless) ?"

Maharajji said, "Okay, I'll teach you." The Mother went off to do her work at Kainchi, and when it was time for the last bus to Nainital she was making her pranams and was going to the bus.

Maharajji asked her,"Now you are going ?"
She said, "Yes, I have to attend to my family, prepare meals and all."

Maharajji said, "Listen, don't go just now. I'll teach you about Brahm. You sit here."

She insisted she had to go home and look after her family. He said,"No,no. I'll teach you about Brahm. You sit here. Don't go home today."

"How is it possible ? I must go."

"But first you wanted Brahm, and now you ask how is it possible ?"
After she left, he said to me, "Look at her. First she was talking about Brahm and now she is thinking about home. One person cannot do two things at one time. Brahm is not a thing, a toy that you can play with. You have to sacrifice something."