It is the Almighty who teaches everybody

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharajji was talking in a rom with only a few people, and to one man the talk appeared meaningless. He said, "Babaji, you should give instructions and lessons to people." Maharajji didn't answer. "Sometimes," the man went on, "give us answers and teach us something."

Again Maharajji didn't answer him. The man repeated his statement a third time.

Obviously irritated, Maharajji shouted, "What are the instructions? What is this? What are the lessons? This is all foolishness! Lessons!" Turning to the men standing there - one was a goldsmith, one a shopkeeper, one a clerk, and one a teacher - Maharajji asked each how he would pass the following day.

Each man gave a similar reply, saying that he would go to work as usual, would pass the day in his habitual manner. Maharajji said, "So many people are here they'll all do what they have to do tomorrow and they have all preplanned it. What's the use of giving a particular teaching? You'll do what you want. So what are teachings? There is no use forcing anything on anybody. No matter what I say, you'll do what you want to do. Yet you want me to dictate something. These teachings have got no meaning. There is no use in teaching people. It is the Almighty who teaches everybody - they all come well taught. There is one Supreme Teacher and he has taught everybody. Teachings are nothing. One who poses as a teacher does so only to satisfy his own ego."