The Karm-Uppance of Not Surrendering

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiAn old man in a town where Maharajji had been staying had become blind.

People were talking to Maharajji about healing, and Maharajji said,"Samarth Guru Ram Das cured his mother from blindness, but there are no saints like that anymore."

Then Maharajji asked for a pomegranate, had it sqeezed, and drank the juice. He then put his blanket over his face and they saw that underneath there was blood coming out of both his eyes.

Maharajji told the blind man that if God restored his sight he should retire from business and devote his life to spiritual pursuits. The man's vision was restored shortly afterwards.

The doctor came and examined the eyes and said,"This is impossible! Who did this?"

They told him it was Maharajji and the doctor rushed to the railway station to find him. Maharajji was already aboard the carriage and the doctor jumped on and pranammed, and Maharajji kept saying, "This is the doctor who cured the man's blindness. He is a very good doctor, a very good doctor."

But after three or four months, the old man couldn't resist and went back to work and almost immediately lost his vision again.