Train Tickets Out the Window

Maharajji TrainMaharajji and a devotee had settled in for a journey into the first-class compartment of a train.

The devotee felt it would be safer if Maharajji held the tickets until the conductor came, so he gave them to Maharajji. 

Maharajji  looked at them and said, “What is this for?” and threw them out of the window of a moving train. The devotee was shocked but said nothing.

As Maharajji continued his conversation, the devotee was worrying about the tickets and the conductor.

Finally the conductor knocked on the door and asked to see their tickets. 

The devotee hesitated a moment and then told Maharajji that the conductor wanted to see the ticket.

Maharajji reached out toward the window and then handed the tickets to the devotee.

He laughed and said, “Is this what you were worried about?”