Narayani Stuti English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiNarayani Stuti O Devi ! O Destroyer of woes! Be Pleased. O Mother of all the worlds! O Supreme Controller of the Universe! Protect us all, and protect this world!

Thou art the Support of this Universe. Thou, the One is appearing as this world! Thou art water. Thou art the elements. Thou are Vishnu-Maya. Thou art the Cause for bondage and liberation. All knowledge is Thy form.

All women are Thyself, O Mother! All this is filled by Thee alone. Thou art Intelligence in all men. O Narayani! Thou art the giver of Svarga and Moksha. Thou art Time, Space and Causation. O Blessed Refuge of the distressed, O Narayani! Salutations to Thee! O Destroyer of all troubles of the devoted who take refuge in Thee, O Narayani, Salutations to Thee!

O Brahmani with Kamandalu, sitting on the swan! O Mahasvari with trident, moon and serpents, sitting on a bull! O Kaumari with Mahasakti, sitting on a peacock! O Vaishnavi with Sankha, Chakra, Gada, Sarnga, and various great Astras! Be pleased, O Narayani! Salutations to Thee!

O Inrani sitting on the elephant, with Vajra in the hand! O Narayani! Salutations to Thee! O Devi of the dreadful form of Narasimha and of Varaha with a ferocious tusk, O Narayani, Salutations to Thee! O Devi who took various forms like Kaali and Sivadooti, O Terrible-faced! O Narayani, salutations to Thee! O Lakshmi! O Kaali! O Sarasvati! Protect us, O Durga! O Naragani, salutations to Thee! May Thy Trisula, Chakra Ghanta, Conch, Sword, which destroyed Chanda, Munda, Sumbha, Nisumba and other Rakshasas, protect us, O Narayani, Salutations to Thee!

O Devi! Thou destroyest all the bad diseases completeb. Thou givest when pleased all that one desires. To them who take refuge in Thee, there is no want. They really get a suitable Refuge in Thee. O Devi, wherever there are evil qualities, wherever there are Rakshasas, wherever there are unrighteous forces, there Thou manifestest Thyself and destroyest them, O Devi! Be Pleased, Be pleased. Protect, O Protect us! May the sins of the world lessen quickly. O adorable Devi! Take pity on these (Devas) who are under Thy Great Feet