A Gift from Babaji

Maharajji with Indian DevoteesMany persons had heard that Babaji was a great saint and so were interested and enthusiastic to meet him.

There were certain things that were very striking about Babaji and some people were disappointed when they saw him acting like a common householder.

He would go on talking with all and sundry about family and work or business - only worldly things - not of God or prayer or worship. They felt that a sadhu who was busy with common man's talk, with-out the saint's hallmark of saffron clothes, matted locks and all that, could not be a real sadhu.

Babaji was fully aware of this and told me several times that many persons came to test him, not out of devotion for a saint. He did this deliberately to keep away curious sightseers.

"There was something unique about him which was not displayed like the robe worn by a sadhu. One who came with patience and an open mind - without any set ideas about sadhus or saints might catch a glimpse of it, but that depended on Babaji.

A devotee could not claim this as a right; it was a gift from Babaji. I was a newcomer and an outsider among his old and trusted devotees. Whatever little I came to know of him did not come overnight, in spite of all the grace flowing from him..."