Maharajji Speaking, Translation 3

Maharajji - What’s your name? What do you do?

Man - Om Prakash, Delhi. I do a little bit of work.

Maharajji - Feed him. When did you come?

Man - A week ago, staying in Bhowali.

Maharajji - Go and eat.

Another Man - Go and eat.

Maharajji - Arre, why don’t you listen? What do you do?

Man - I deal in cloth.

Maharajji - Ab jao. Now you go. Give him Prasad.

Man - I don’t take Prasad.

Maharajji - Why?

Man - He says, he doesn’t eat, he takes only fruit.

Maharajji - Give him potatoes.

Man - Yes, I am giving.

Maharajji - Take potatoes. He is a foreigner, he is English. Did you come yesterday, or did you came today only? Where did you stay?

Man - Haldwani, I am staying in Haldwani.

Maharajji - Serve him tea.

Another Man - Let’s go, let’s go.

Maharajji - Whom did he meet?

Man - He met me. He said that he is the disciple of Nantin baba, and he stayed in India for 6 years.

Maharajji - I know, he is with him for three years. Did you go to Hariakhan?

Man - Yes, yes.

Maharajji - You don’t know, I know.

Man - I didn’t want to have your darshan.

Maharajji - Then?

Man - I came, I was hungry.

Man - He said that he went to Vrindavan, Hanuman temple, but didn’t get your darshan. He went to Nantin Baba.

Maharajji - Did you get Prasad? Which place do you belong to? Has he gone? That English guy has not come? One from district court?

Man - No Maharaj, he didn’t come. You had stopped him, Maharaj.

Maharajji - No, call him here. He is a good man. Did you sleep there?

Man - No Baba, I slept uphill in Thakur’s village.

Maharajji - In Tamela?

Man - I don’t know Tamela. Village, yes yes, I slept there. Kshatriya village, Thakur’s village.

Maharajji - You have come now, didn’t come in three years?

Man - I didn’t want to have your darshan.

Maharajji – Then?

Man - Then I came, I was hungry.

Another Man - He has not eaten anything since yesterday.

Maharajji - Why?

Man - Perhaps he has malaria, he has fever. He is ill.

Maharajji - Make him sit here and feed him. Give him milk. Arre, get milk and give to this English man. He is hungry. Where are you going? (to another man)

Man - Tell me if you have any work, Maharajji. I will do it.

Maharajji - A clock has to be hung on the wall in the Lakshmi Narayan Temple. (to Dada) Dada, give him a watch, small watch. Where are you going? Did you eat food? Did you give poori to everybody? Did you have breakfast?

Man - No, Baba.

Maharajji - Serve breakfast to him. Serve breakfast to everybody. Give him milk. You haven’t eaten since yesterday? Sit here and eat. He will make poori and feed you.

Maharajji - (to a woman) - What is written here?

Woman - Its in English, Maharajji.

Maharajji - Oh Cloth dealer!

Maharajji - Are you married?

Man - I have two children.

Maharajji - Since how many days have you been in Bhowali?

Man - Seven days, Maharajji.

Maharajji - When will you return?

Man - On Thursday.

Man - He has written that Maharajji is calling him.

Maharajji - You come here every year?

Man - No, I have come after eight years.

Maharajji - Why?

Man - I had land here, my father’s land.

Maharajji - Then?

Man - Somebody has taken that land illegally.

Maharajji - How much land was that?

Man - 350 Nali (measure of land in hills)

Maharajji - You didn’t realize this? You should have lodged a complaint through the forces. Did you file a complaint?

Man - No Maharaj.

Maharajji - Give a complaint to the collector. What was your designation in the forces?

Man - I was an officer in the Navy.

Maharajji - Give a complaint to the collector. Everything will be alright.

Maharajji - Who took over the land?

Man - There’s some one called Jeetnath ji, there.

Maharajji - Where does he belong to?

Man - Bhowali.

Maharajji - Did you file a complaint?

Man - No, Maharajji.

Maharajji - Then forget about it. Leave it to God. Forget about this land.

Man - Alright Maharajji.

Maharajji - Your shop is not doing well? Is it?

Man - I am an employee of a cloth merchant.

Maharajji - How much does he pay you?

Man - 350 rupees.

Maharajji - You are coming today in these seven days. You didn’t come before?

Man - I got to know today only Maharajji.

Maharajji - Who told you?

Man - A Pakistani, he belongs to my village.

Maharajji - Where does he live?

Man - He lives downhill in Kiccha.

Maharajji - Call him. What is he? Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Man - Chetan.

Maharajji - Chetan.

Man - Harili Devi used to live here some time ago. Where is she now?

Maharajji - Tell him the whereabouts of Harili Devi. You know her?

Man - Please find out about her. Some pension documents have come for her.

Maharajji - Please find out about her.

Man - I have come here for two days.

Maharajji - Where have you come from? What do you do?

Man - I am a retailer.

Maharajji - Okay, very good. Are you a Sindhi?

Man - Yes, Maharaj.

Maharajji - Did you get Prasad?

Man - Yes, Maharaj.

Man - She is at Binod’s residence.

Maharajji - That lady, Pooran’s, Mukunda’s mayee has come. Feed her, she is sitting there. Dada, feed her.

Dada - Yes Maharajji, I will feed her.

Maharajji - Did you serve her tea?

Dada - Yes, Maharajji, served her tea and breakfast.

Maharajji - Now you are going Maa? Now go, come again. Vakil, now you go. Nantin Baba is Hariakhan’s disciple. He has gone to Hariakhan. He has called him. His wife is also his disciple.

Man - Now he is no more disciples.

Maharajji - Why? Why did you leave him?

Man - He says, Heriyakhan is a fraud sadhu. Is it true?

Maharajji - He says, I don’t know. You go, mother. Come again.

Woman - Alright Maharajji.

Maharajji - You also go, Vakil’s sister.

Woman - Maharajji, when should I come next?

Maharajji - Come over in a week’s time.

Woman - Alright.

Another woman - Maharajji, I am also going.

Maharajji - Yes, you also go beta.

Maharajji - Do you know, an English sadhu lives here along with his wife. Call him here. When will you call him?

Man - I will call him today.

Maharajji - Call him nicely.

Man - Yes, Maharajji.

Maharajji - Pooran’s bahu is here. Feed her.

Man - Right now, she is sitting there and chatting. I will feed her.

Translation by Urvashi. Formatted by Gangaram.