Hanuman Temple at Rishikesh

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiThus many years ago, Babaji took a big piece of land on lease from the Forest Department, Rishikesh for the construction of Hanuman temple. It is located on Rishikesh Haridwar road at a place named Veerbhadra, at a distance of 6 km from Rishikesh.

This piece of land remained vacant under the care of a certain man for many years. Babaji left his physical body in 1973. He had always done lila in his bodily form, but his psychic resolves are being made good even now.

Shri Siddhi Ma caused a stir by raising the issue about this place in 1984. Consequently the land was legally occupied and his devotees got built a magnificent Hanuman temple. A grand bhandara is held here every year on Hanuman Jayanti (Chaitra-Poonima). In the beginning Hanuman temple was small and Babaji was not satisfied with it. Hence, a huge and magnificent temple was erected for Hanumanji within three or four years. It was inaugurated on Shri Hanuman Jayanti 1993 with grand celebrations and a large gathering had prasad in bhandara as always.

Long ago Babaji had told Shri Siddhi Ma that he would set up a 27 ft. high Hanuman murti at this place in Rishikesh so that the passers-by may have his darshan from outside. Therefore, by inspiration of Shri Siddhi Ma, a devotee from Madras (Chennai) fulfilled Babaji's wish. Soon a 27 ft murti of Hanumanji under a five feet high umbrella was installed on a 9 ft. high platform. A yajna was performed and it was consecrated in a grand function on Hanurnan Jayanti 1993.

Simultaneously a Shiva temple was founded on the piece of land lying between the temple and the grand Hanumanji on the same day. Now, in the southern part function on Hanuman Jayanti 1993.

Along with the within the premises a temple for Babaji Maharaj has been built which was inaugurated on Hanuman Jayanti 1997. Having entered the premises of temple, the viewers, as they say, feel peace and bliss by the grace of Babaji and by the splendor of the temple.

At present, the non-stop recitation of Hanuman Chalissa for 24 hours is organized on Tuesdays and Prasad is distributed. Thousands of devotees come to have darshan of the temple.