Hanuman Temple in New Mexico

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiMaharajji wanted to oblige his American devotees also by giving them an opportunity to have Hanumanji's darshan and to adore him.

So he inspired Dr. Richard Alpert (whom Babaji had transformed into Ram Dass and who had written a book Miracle of Love on Maharajji) for it and got sculptured such murti of Hanuman as has been portrayed in Sunderkand as "putting Ram's ring in his mouth, crossed the ocean flying over it".

Sharda Prasad, a famous sculptor of Jaipur, inspired by Him sculptured such a murti. When this murti weighing about 3400 kilos reached America, the devotees were not unanimous in their choice of a place for its installation.

So, an American devotee, Vishnu (Vishu Magee), who was against idol-worship, kept it in a room at the back of his house in Taos, New Mexico. It was later transferred to a store-room.

But by the grace of Babaji, Vishnu by and by became deeply attached to it. He kept the room neat and clean and began offering fruits, flowers, sweets etc., to Hanumanji.

He got a heater also to keep the room warm. It is now being planned to install him in a temple at a suitable place. The local devotees and those living in other provinces carry out the activities of recitation of Hanuman Chalisa, of chanting Rama's name (Kirtan) and conduct Satsang (association with pious men) and bhandara. Babaji's photos in different poses are also placed there.