Shri Kainchi Dham Temple

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSymbolic of Babaji's Will Power

Whatever Babaji thought of, he remained firm on it. In what way, aspect, mood, or thought, it would materialize was known to him only. There are many instances of it, but only a few of them related to Kainchidham Hanuman temple are given here and some instances in other context will be narrated in further sections.

In 1942, Poornanand Tewari had gone to Nainital to get some papers connected with his law- suit. As he missed the bus, he was coming back to Kainchi on foot via Gathia. It was the dark of night and the tired and frightened Tewari was passing by Khufia danth, so-called a haunted place.

He saw a bulky man wrapped in a blanket by the Khufia danth. He was scared but that man called him by name telling him the reason of his (Tewari's) coming there at that odd hour. He was none else but Baba Neeb Karoliji Maharaj.

Tewari felt somewhat comfortable. Babaji talked to him for a little while and asked him to go forward fearlessly and that he would get a public transport ahead. Tewari asked Baba when he would have his darshan again.  "Later, after twenty years" was the prompt reply. Tewari left in a state of uncertainty. Babaji also disappeared from Tewari's sight. After some time he also got a conveyance.

Just after twenty years in 1962, Babaji was coming back to Nainital from Ranikhet with Tula Ram Sah and Shri Siddhi Ma by taxi. He got down at Kainchi. Incidentally, while going to Ranikhet Maharajji unexpectedly said, "Shyam Lal was a good man". Shyam Lal was the father-in-law of Tularamji's son. The use of the word 'was' for Shyamlalji sounded somewhat odd to Shri Ma. On their arrival at Ranikhet, they got the news that Shyamlalji had died of heart attack that very day. This was the reason that they were going back to Nainital.

Babaji sat for a little while on the parapet by the roadside. Then he sent for Poornanand. The memory of the event twenty years ago revived. The place where Premi Baba. and Somvari Baba lived and performed havan was mentioned, and Babaji expressed his desire to see that place. Babaji crossed the river with Shri Ma and thus on 25 May 1962 put his sacred foot on the land on which Kainchi ashram stands today.

By clearing the grass and foliage there, the havan-kund was shown to Babaji. He ordered that the havan-kund be covered with a raised platform then and there. While the work was on, the forest guards objected to it. Babaji at once rang up to the Chief Conservator of Forests and occupied on lease the piece of land on which are now built the temple and ashram. Thus, the resolve made twenty years ago took its shape. The foundation of Kainchi dham, as is seen today, was laid then. The Hanuman temple is built on that platform and at the back of it the remnants of the fire lit by Somvari Baba have been preserved.

Whenever Babaji came to Uttarakhand he mostly stayed at Bhumiadhar or Kainchi. Devotees came in large number and there were bhandaras, chanting of Kirtan, and singing of bhajans. The consecration ceremony of Hanumanji's Murti and of other gods and Goddesses installed in other temnles was held with great pomp and show on 15th June. This day was also fixed for the annual bhandara at KainchiDham and mal-pua is given as prasad. Now on 15 June, people in thousands partake prasad to their heart's content and take it home also. All things are prepared in un-adulterated ghee. How is it all managed? Maharajji had then said that a time would come when there would be such a large gathering that two paths would be made separately for entry and exit. It came to be true, two gates had to be made, one for going to the place of bhandara and the other to come out. Since the bhandara of 15 June 1988, another bridge has been built to go out of the temple. A police van carrying 30 policemen came to control the traffic for bhandara on 15 June 1991. They said that they had difficulty in controlling the traffic, how is it that so many devotees are fed in the temple without any problem? But it was Maharajji's lila that the large crowd partook prasad and having had darshan went away without any commotion. At that time it appeared as if Maharaji himself came and managed everything. It manifests MaharaJi's eternal mystic power.

The Vindhyavasini devi and Vaishnavo Devi were installed in the temple on 15th June 1973 and 1974 respectively. The installation of Vindhyavasini Devi was done in Maharajji's time and for that of Vaishnavo Devi he had made all arrangements before he left his body.

The unique event of the consecration ceremony, according to the eye -witnesses, was that Babaji Maharaj himself made Hanumanji drink a small bucketful of milk with his own hands. Those present saw that little milk was left in the bucket, a thin line of milk was lying on the floor and some was seen on Hanuman lips.

In order to inspire devotion, service, faith, reverence, sacrifice, etc., in the heart of devotees, Babaji started the tradition-of celebrating some festivals. 15th June as the consecration day, Shri Guru-Purnima, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami, and adoration of goddess Durga and havan during Navratra in autumn, which is still carried on. A large number of devotees and common people join in worship and bhandaras. Besides constant repetition of God's name (kirtan) is organized from 15 April to 15 October every year from 5AM to 10 PM.