The Books About Maharajji

Maharajji Reading Maharaj-ji didn't write any books, but there are some books ABOUT Maharaj-ji. It might very well be said that Maharaj-ji, in a sense, "wrote" "Be Here Now".

The book seems to have been made by a lot of people in various parts of the globe who were acting under the divine guidance of Sri Maharaj.

In 1983 at Lama Foundation, the beautiful retreat center in Northern New Mexico, after dinner I had a moment with Ram Dass, in the fading sunset. I began to tell the story of how "Be Here Now" arrived in my life in 1971. How it had appeared by my bed in a place not accessable to others and I never found out where it had come from.

Ram Dass, the alleged author of the book, looked at me so lightly and laughed saying, "Don't tell me about it. I've heard thousands of these stories from thousands of people. It's Maharaj-ji's book. He controls where it goes and He makes all these things happen around it." Wow.

And The Book speaks to you when The Book wants to speak to you. - Gurubhai

Books in English

Be Here Now bu Ram DassBe Here Now
by Baba Ram Dass

"There are three stages in this journey that I have been on! The first, the social science stage; the second, the psychedelic stage; and the third, the yogic stage. They are summating - that is, each contributing to the next.

It's like the unfolding of the lotus flower. Now, as I look back, I realize that many of the experiences that made little sense to me at the time they occured were prerequisites for what was to come later.

I want to share with you the parts of the internal journey that never get written up in the mass media: I'm not interested in the political parts of the story;

I'm not interested in what you read in the Saturday Evening Post about LSD. This is the story of what goes on inside a human being who is undergoing all these experiences." - First Page

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Miracle of LoveMiracle of Love
by Baba Ram Dass

"Maharaj-ji's company was very special. He was always natural, like a child, a saint in the traditional manner. He set no conditions nor expected any particular behavior from His devotees.

He was rarely affected by the outside. He could converse with half a dozen people simultaneously with a camera held a foot from his face.

He had no form. He performed no rituals or puja. He followed no orthodox customs such as ritual bathing.

Yet His presence was more than inspiring; it was enlightening. While meditating in or near His presence, even though He'd be talking and joking loudly, one quickly reached the place of clear light, a place difficult to achieve without His grace and power." - Page 22

Stories from "Miracle of Love"
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By His GraceBy His Grace - A Devotee's Story
by Dada Mukerjee

Baba-ji was in the habit of visiting a nearby village. One evening he came to the house of a devotee where He often took His food.

The lady of the house came out crying bitterly and said, "The person who used to serve you your food is lying there." He lay dead, surrounded by the people who had come to arrange for his cremation.

Baba-ji sat down by the man, put a part of His blanket over the man's body, and began talking to the people around Him. After some time Baba-ji got up and said He would go and take His food somewhere else. No one thought of stopping Him.

After Baba had gone away, the man lying there sat up as if from sleep and asked, "Why am I lying here?" Everyone was so dazed that no one could reply." - Pages 41/42

Stories from "By His Grace"
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The Near and The DearThe Near and The Dear
by Dada Mukerjee

"The great gurus do not forget to emphasize to their disciples that svaran (hearing) the teachings must be followed by manan (inquiry) before the nidhidhyaanan (application) can begin.

Very great emphasis is laid on the middle part - Inquiry - before acceptance and application.

This was the method of Baba-ji in His teaching; whatever came was to be put to a rigid test before acceptance. For a disciple, whatever comes in aid - tokens, symbols, murtis, or mantras for his sadhana - is valuable if he considers it to be sacred for him after it passes through all his tests." - Page 190

Stories from "The Near and The Dear"
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Divine RealityDivine Reality
by Ravi Prakash Pande "Rajida"

"This event happened in 1951, in Haldwani. The young wife of Pooran Chandra Joshi, an employee of the Forest Dept., UP, had an attack of paralysis. Her face was distorted and her complexion became pale. Her eyesight became blurred.

Leaving her in this pitiable condition her husband had to go out of station. On his return, her condition worsened. Joshi consulted a doctor who advised him to take her to Lucknow or any other big town, to get her treated. This treatment would be expensive and was beyond Joshi's means. They remembered Maharaj in a state of helplessness and then both of them fell asleep.

Baba gave them darshan in a dream and her condition then improved. Some days later Baba himself came to their house and asked her, "Daughter-in-law, what happened to you?" He looked at her kindly. Putting one of his palms on her head and the other under her chin, he gave a jerk and set her face right. The loveliness of her face was also restored."

Stories from "Divine Reality"
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I and My Father are One bu R. K. Rabboo JoshiI and My Father are One
by R. K. "Rabboo" Joshi

The need of the hour is a universal Guru, who would be a Grand Master, both, in Science and Spirituality. This Guru, will re-align the Yin and Yang of ailing humanity. All religions have to seek a common plot form and give space to science in their life to better their suffering lot. This Guru need not be in a body. It could be a set of precepts and principles universally applicable. This Guru when accepted by one and all, will ultimately give individual space to every one to practice spirituality. Once you are truly spiritual you cannot hurt even a fly. All the masters of the past never founded a religion, they only taught spirituality. Be it Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir, Shankara Charya, Zoroaster, the followers subsequently founded the religion. All hatred, violence, assertiveness, aggression are the byproducts of religion, which the original masters never taught their disciples. – from Prologue.

Physics dreams of Grand Unification which will explain the formation of the universe to perfection. This is yet to be realized. But such master has a key to your unification with him. He has granted this to you by in searching a ship without your knowing it, merely by a glance, a touch or embrace. In other words you are bugged for life. He keeps tabs on you throughout your life and helps you achieve your material and spiritual yearnings. Although he can grant you the booms without any karma on your part but he wishes you to work out your karma is yourself. Karma has bondage too. All your past lives you have been accumulating karmic bondage, but when you meet your master, in this very life you will be freed of your cumulated bondage of Karmas. – Page 9.

Be Love Now by Ram DassBe Love Now
by Baba Ram Dass
with Rameshwar Das 

This book seems to be the culmination of an almost 50 year path of spiritual understand and opening of the heart. It's the "communication" that is needed for all of us now. Maharajji was all about love. Here is more insight into that, for those who are ready to hear it.

"If I go into the place in myself that is love and you go into that place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you and me are truly in love, the state of being in love. That's the entrance to Oneness. That's the space I entered when I met my guru."

"Love is part of the emotional spectrum, but it is different because it emanates from our soul. Even when it becomes confused with our ego projections, love is actually from the higher essence of our being, the part that begins to merge with the spirit and approach the One."

"Our culture treats love almost entirely in connection with interpersonal relationships and interactions.Emotional love is based on external gratification, having our love reflected back to us. It's not grounded in feeling love from inside. That's why we keep needing more. When we love somebody emotionally, that need for feedback creates a powerful attachment. We get so caught up in the relationship that we rarely arrive at the essence of just dwelling in love." 

"I began to see how impersonal His (Maharajji's) love was. I realized it wasn't directed at me, but I could bathe in it, and when I bathed in it, all my negative thoughts and feelings were nullified."

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Barefoot in the Heart stories about Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji Baba Neeb KaroriBarefoot in the Heart
Edited by Keshav Das

"Barefoot in the Heart" is a collection of transcribed oral stories of the Indian saint Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaji).

It includes many anecdotes and first-person retellings of stories collected in India and the in the USA over a period of 9 years, by Keshav Das, including a small selection of unpublished stories originally intended for inclusion in "Miracle Of Love" by Ram Dass.

"Barefoot In The Heart" is a divine raft to take us across the ocean of darkness to the glorious land of light.

Every page is filled with Maharajji's nectar..... Profound gratitude to Keshav Das and his collaborators.... - Jai Uttal

Now available in Kindle edition.

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Chants of a Lifetime by Krishna DasChants of a Lifetime
by Krishna Das

Chants of a Lifetime offers an intimate collection of stories, teachings, and insights from Krishna Das, who has been called “the chant master of American yoga” by the New York Times. Since 1994, the sound of his voice singing traditional Indian chants with a Western flavor has brought the spiritual experience of chanting to audiences all over the world. He has previously shared some of his spiritual journey through talks and workshops, but now he offers a unique book-and-CD combination that explores his fascinating path and creates an opportunity for just about anyone to experience chanting in a unique and special way.

Chants of a Lifetime includes photos from Krishna Das’s years in India and also from his life as a kirtan leader—and the CD that is offered exclusively in the book consists of a number of “private” chanting sessions with the author. Instead of just being performances of chants for listening, the recordings make it seem as if Krishna Das himself is present for a one-on-one chanting session. The idea is for the listener to explore his or her own practice of chanting and develop a deepening connection with the entire chanting experience.

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Books in English - Rare

Doing Your Own Being by Ram DassDoing Your Own Being
by Baba Ram Dass

This is a rare look into the early days of the discovery of Maharaj-ji by The West, through the speaking and books of Ram Dass.

Written from the very early perspective of 1972 or 1973, this introduction to a book of Ram Dass Transpersonal Institute taped lectures.

It cronicals RDs story and presents early descriptions of Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj-ji and His World.

This book was published in the UK, purchased in India and out of print. American title: "The Only Dance There Is".

Stories from "The Start"

Bunch of Memories by DidiBunch of Memories
by Kamla Mukerjii

Delightful stories of Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj-ji as told by much esteemed Smt. Kamla Mukerjii, wife of very esteemed Shri Sudhir "Dada" Mukerji.

Most devotees of Maharaj-ji call her "Didi."

Simply sweet and loving memories of Didi and Dada's beloved Baba-ji.

Legendary stories of Sri Maharaj-ji from householder prespective. Stories from "Bunch of Memories".

Prema Vatar by MukundaPremavararPremavatar
by P. C. Josi "Mukunda"

This is a rare book that came from India.

It has a number of stories of Maharajji and is a small version of a larger book which is available in Hindi but not English at this time.

Only this small version has been translated to English.

More information on this when it becomes available.

Stories from "Premavatar"

Books in Hindi

Anant Kathamrit

महाराज जी ने अपनी शक्ति द्वारा किये गए चमत्कारों की भी मिति नहीं है जिन्हें हम भी यदा-कदा देखते सुनते रहे - यथा,( तब के ) निरक्षर भट्टाचार्य भगवान सिंह से गीता पाठ सुनवाना, खंडित मूर्ति को केवल दृष्टिपात से ही पूर्ण कर देना, बंद कमरे से मसक समान रूप धारण कर निकल जाना, बिना डईनिमो-पेट्रोल के अथवा पेट्रोल की जगह पानी से गाड़ी चलवा लेना, घी की जगह पानी में पूरियां तलवा देना, जीवन दान देकर आती मृत्यु को टाल देना , कई स्थानों पर एक ही समय प्रकट हो लीलाएं करना, भंडारे की न्यून सामग्री से वृहद् जन समुदाय को तुष्ट करवा देना - आदि आदि, (अंत नहीं ऐसी चमत्कारी लीलाओं का l )

इन्हें सुनकर-देखकर तत्काल के आनंद के सिवा (कम से कम) हमें तो विशेष कुछ प्राप्त हुआ नहीं, और नहीं ही हम सरकार के श्री-चरणों में इन चमत्कारों से प्रभावित होकर ही इतना बंधे जितना कि उनकी हमारे जैसे दीन-हीनों के प्रति वात्सल्य, प्रेम, अपनत्व, और आत्मीयता-पूर्ण लीला-क्रीडाओं से विभोर होकर l

हमारी तो सदा एक ही पुकार रही - मेरी छूंछ गगरिया जब छलके, गुण जानू मैं तेरे पनघट का l

Alokik Yatharth

अलौकिक  यथार्थ  (Alokik Yatharth)

इस पुस्तक में वर्णित बाबा से सम्बंधित अनुभव प्रतिपल होने वाली उनके अनंत लीला सागर की कतिपय बूंदे मात्र हैं जिससे उस महासागर की थाह और विस्तार का बोध तो नहीं हो सकता पर उसकी विशेषताओं का अभिज्ञान हो सकता है I 

बाबा का सानिध्य पाकर सभी लोगों की एकमात्र धारणा यही है की समस्त दिव्य गुणों से युक्त, परोपकाररत कृपा निधान  बाबा हनुमान जी की ही प्रतिमूर्ति हैं  I 

हनुमान जी अमर कहे जाते हैं, इस कारण  बाबा  द्वारा होने वाली उनकी अयाचित एवं अभेद्पूर्ण कृपा का रूप भी अक्षय है I उनका महान चरित्र अत्यंत आकर्षक एवं प्रभाव पूर्ण है जिससे उनके प्रति आस्था को बढ़ावा मिलता है और व्यक्ति को आत्मिक सुधार  की प्रेरणा मिलती है I यही इस पुस्तक की उपादेयता है I

Smriti Sudha  -  स्मृति सुधा

स्मृति सुधा (Smriti Sudha) 

बाबा सहस्त्र रूपों में भक्तों के साथ लीलाएं करते रहते हैं I
वे अविरल भक्तों का कल्याण करने के लिए उनके पीछे ऐसे ही दौड़ते हैं जैसे गाय अपने बछड़े के पीछे दौड़ा करती है I
यही आकर्षण उनके कृष्ण स्वरुप की प्रतिष्ठा करता है I

जो निवृतात्मा हो गए हैं उनको उन्हें अपनाने में देर नहीं लगती I
जो सांसारिक प्रपंचों में अक्सर उन्हें भुला चुके हैं रक्षा तो वे उनकी भी करते हैं I

किन्तु जो सर्वसंरक्षण हृदय में ही निवास कर रहा हो वह तो पल पल की खबर रखता है और रक्षा करता है I
ऐसे ही हैं अपने नीब करोरी जी महाराज I


Sudden Blossoming of Soulful Love

Books in Japanese

Japanese Translation of Miracle of Love

This Book is published in Japan beginning in August 2000 by Pawanasuta Press.

Text by Ram Dass and others.

Translated by Yoko Sakata,

Edited by Shigehisa Sakata

There once was a Japanese Site Web site for this book, but it no longer exists. It is unknown in 2012 whether this book is still being published in Japan

Those wishing to do more research into the Grace of Maharaj-ji should try to purchase online or from a bookstall. The books in the lower section are Hindi-only and are available in India only. You may get them at some of Maharaj-ji's ashrams. The books at the very bottom are booklets available from the ashrams in India.

If you're looking for books in Delhi, there is the great little book shop, Piccadilly Book Stall (#64) in Shankar Market, near Connaught Place (CP) in central New Delhi. This shop has a large selection of "dharma books", and is always worth a visit. Mr. Chaudary is always happy to find many books on a topic of interest, and is familiar with Sri Neem Karoli Baba-ji and Ram Dass.

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Above is a rich and grace-filled presentation of books. As a little library they take you to a most unique place. Maharaj-ji does the rest.

With Love...

Jai Ram