Three Maharajji Experiences since 2004

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiMaharajji has come to me three times since 2004. The experiences were so strong and powerful that I have only shared them with two people who are His disciples.

In 2007 Ram Dass told me to avoid self doubt and to share my stories. When we spoke Ram Dass asked me how I knew that these were not just dreams. I replied that when you awakened from a dream one knows that it was a dream. These three experiences were things that I did, in the same way as one would do anything.

The first time I met Maharajji he was much younger and thinner. He told me that I could not be his disciple now but in my next life after I died in a war that was currently being fought. There are many details involved but the essence is that I died in the war as He said and came back. The experience ended.

  In 2006 I appeared in the mountains in India and came upon a temple. It was brightly colored. I was led through a series of small rooms to a slightly larger room where I found Maharajji looking as most know him to. He was laying on a tucket with two Ma's beside Him. I approached and He indicated that I should put my head under the blanket He was wearing. Periodically He would hit me on the head. Then He sent me away. I was led out through another series of small rooms into bright sunlight. The temperature was very cool.

Two months later my third experience occurred. I was on an operating table and died. Suddenly I was on a road in the mountains that wound off into the distance up a big hill. The road was made of dirt. There was Maharajji. I walked over to Him and He told me that I had just died and did I want to go back or stay here with Him. I briefly thought of my life and especially my two daughters. I knew that they would be OK. I asked to stay with Him. Then Maharajji led me down the road and up the hill. I was very happy and totally content.

My life has not been the same since.

Hanuman (Ed Fissinger)