Sita Ram Kahiye English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiSay "Sita Ram, Sita Ram, Sita Ram." Live happily in whatever manner
Lord Ram places you.

Let Ram's name be on your tongue, his work in your hands. You are not alone
dear one. Ram is with you. Bear loss and gain, knowing all is the law of

Showing pride, respect will not be gained. All will happen as Lord Ram pleases
dear one. Go on working without expecting any result.

Entrust your life into the hands of Dina Nath [Master of the poor]. Whether
he gives you a palace or a hut to dwell in, say Ram Ram in thanks without
questioning why.

Rely only on Ram, depend on no other. Be attached only to Ram and remain
unattached to all others. In the company of sadhus color every limb of your
body with Ram.

Giving up desire and anger, soak yourself in the nectar of Ram. Abandoning
greed and attachment, O dear one, take the Name of Ram.