Shivamanasapuja English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiO Ocean of Compassion ! Lord of all beings ! In my heart I offer you a throne

studded with precious stones, a bath of cool water, divine robes adorned with

many gems, saffron-scented sandal paste, jasmine and champaka flowers, bilva

leaves, rare incense, and a shining flame. Kindly accept them.

O God ! Kindly accept ghee, sweet rice in a golden bowl inlaid with nine

gems, the nectar made from the five edibles including milk, yogurt, bananas,

fresh water made fragrant with many herbs, camphor, and betel leaf - all

prepared in my heart with devotion.

O Almighty Lord, please accept these objects of worship created in my heart

for you: an umbrella, two yak tail fans, a spotless mirror, a vina,

kettledrums, a mridanga and other instruments filled with reverence, and many

kinds of hymns.

You are the soul. The goddess Parvati is my buddhi[reason/mind]. My five

pranas are your attendants. My body is your abode. All the objects of sense

pleasures are for your worship. My sleep is your state of samadhi. Wherever I

walk I am walking around you. Everything I say is in praise of you.

Everything I do is in devotion to you O benevolent Lord !

Whatever sins I have committed with my hands, feet, ears, eyes, body or mind,

whether prohibited by the scriptures or not, whether prescribed by destiny or

arbitrary, or due to past karma, please forgive them all. Jai ! Jai ! O Ocean

of Compassion ! O Great God ! O Benevolent Lord !