Sri Durga Chalisa English

I bow, I bow, to the Reliever of Difficulties, Cause of Happiness.
Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiI bow, I bow, to the Mother who takes away all pain [1]

Your light illuminates all darkness,
your brightness extends over the three worlds [2]

With the moon on your forehead your face is tremendous.
When you frown with red eyes it is terribly frightening. [3]

In the form of Mother it is extremely pleasing,
and those who see you in this way receive the greatest pleasure. [4]

You move all the energy amongst all objects and relationships.
You protect all, and are the Giver of grains and wealth. [5]

As the Goddess who is full of grains and food you protect the world.
You the are foremost and most beautiful being. [6]

At the time of total dissolution you destroy all. You are the Goddess
who is Rays of Light, beloved of Siva, Sankar, the Cause of peace. [7]

Siva and all yogis sing of your qualities.
Brahma and Visnu always meditate on you. [8]

You wear the form of Sarasvati, Goddess of Knowledge.
You give excellent knowledge which liberates the rishis and munis. [9]

You gave the form for Narasingha to wear, Mother,
which manifested with the crumbling of the pillar [10]

Oh Protector, you saved Prahalad,
and sent Hiranyakiasipu to heaven.[11]

You wear the form of Laksmi, Oh Mother of the Universe,
which is regarded the same as the body of the Respected Narayana. [12]

You are delighted in the ocean of milk.
Oh Ocean of Compassion, please grant the mind's wish. [13]

In the Hingulaj you are Bhavani, the Mother of Existence.
No one who is born can describe your greatness.[14]

You are Matangi and Mother Dhumavati.
As Bhuvanesvari and Bamgala you can grant comfort and happiness. [15]

As the respected fearful Bhairavi you deliver all the worlds.
As Chinnamasta you prohibit pain in all the worlds.[l6]

The excellent among the monkeys went to welcome you,
Oh Bhavani, you who ride upon the lion.[l7]

In your hands are the sword and a beggar's bowl.
The Seer experiences the fear of Time, the Great Destroyer. [18]

Then in Mother's hand is seen the trident by which
She abolishes the enemy' s spear. [19]

In Nagarkot you are known as Viraja,
and the people of the three worlds beat on drums to celebrate you. [20]

You slayed the demons Self-Conceit and Self-Deprecation.
You dissolved the innumerable Seeds of Desire. [21]

The King Great Ego was extremely proud.
The burden of his guilt for sins brought down low. [22]

As Kali you wear an immense form.
You destroyed the entire army in battle. [23]

Whenever your children are burdened with perplexity,
then and there you manifest, Oh Mother, to render assistance. [24]

Again and again you lead people to dwell in immortality.
Then all elucidate your greatness with great joy and tranquility [25]

In all the inhabitants your light is burning.
Men and women always perform your worship. [26]

Whoever will sing this praise with love and devotion,
pain and discomfort will not come close to them. [27]

Whoever will meditate on you with full concentration,
will escape from the cycle of birth and death. [28]

The yogis, Gods, and munis all call out,
"Without your energy union is impossible!" [29]

Siva Sankar performed a most wondrous tapasya
by which He defeated Anger and Passion. [30]

Even though one meditates upon Siva every day,
he can never reach to the heights of your attainment. [31 ]

The form of energy is never destroyed.
Who sings in praise of Energy, his mind will endure. [32]

Who takes refuge in you, fame will increase. Victory, victory, victory
to the Divine Mother of the Universe, Mother of Existence! [33]

Please be pleased, Oh Mother of the Universe.
give me energy without further delay. [34]

Oh Mother, I am surrounded by difficulties.
Other than you, who can take away my pain? [35]

Wishes and desires are extremely tormenting.
The ignorance caused by foolish limitations is extremely fearful. [36]

Oh Great Queen, please destroy all enemies. Let me recollect
One Consciousness, and let that be You, Oh Mother of Existence. [37]

Give me your Grace, Oh Compassionate Mother.
Give increase to perfection causing Supreme Happiness. [38]

When the fruit of Compassion touch my heart,
I only want to always sing you praises. [39]

Whoever sings this Durga Calisa, Praise of the Divine Mother,
will enjoy the highest happiness and attain the most e
xalted respect. [40]

Where will I find my own refuge? Please give me your Grace,
Oh Mother of the Universe, Mother of Existence. [41]