Shri Janaki ji ki Stuti (Morning) English

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiThe holy virgin Sita emerged from Mother Earth. She is the benefactor of all beings and dispels their fears. She is most beautiful and tender. Even the sages are attracted by her grace. She is very dear to her father Janaka.

She was seated on a beautiful lion throne, bright as millions of wild fires. There was a beautiful umbrella over her head along with the bright moon. All her attendants were performing their respective duties.


All gods, wise ones, and siddhas[elevated beings], seated in their respective air vehicles, showered flowers and sang Sita's praises.

All were looking at her intently, their hearts elated with joy. Filling the atmosphere with bliss, the sages chanted her praise and touched her feet with reverence.

At that time the sage Narada arrived and gave[the holy daughter] her name. Hearing it, King Janaka became very happy. Sita-the fulfiller of all wishes and the abode of all attributes and bliss.

Then, as was appropriate for the occasion, the sage Narada humbly requested Sita to perform child-like activities, making the king and queen happy.

Hearing the gentle words of Narada, Janaki smiled and decided to perform the pleasing activities of a child. She started crying as if awakened from sleep, and the king, considering himself fortunate, embraced her.

With love and affection, both the king and queen started serving her accordingly. This is our prayer of Sita, who is soaked in love of Sri Ram. How can one's intellect describe her ?

Of her own will Sita emerged from the 'yajna-bhoomi'[the holy place of fire worship]. She performed all types of virtuous acts, giving immense pleasure to all.