Sri Rudrastakam English

 Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiEshan! I reverence the liberated, competent, Omnipresent, Brahm manifestation of the Vedas in Form, Ever-dwelling in His Own Form, attributeless, Unique, Desireless, Fount of the Limitless Knowledge and like the sky pervading everywhere, Lord!

He who is Formless, like the sacred syllable Om-the root cause of the Creation, tureeya, beyond the approach of the voice, wisdom and the senses; Master of Kailash; veritable Nemesis for the evil-doers but kind-hearted to the devotees and the noble; the Time of times; the mine of tall virtue and redeemer from the mundane existence -I bow to the supreme Lord!


He who is fair as the (snowy) Himalayas, quite deep; resplendent like the billions of Kaamdeva put together, on whose head warbling the enchanting Ganga and the crescent moon reposing upon his forehead; whose neck is garlanded by the snakes!

Among are whose ear-rings and whose eyes and the brows are wide and beautiful; whose visage is gleeful and the throat blue; who is extremely kind and wears the panther's skin as his cloth and the garlands of the hacked off heads - I bow to that Supreme Ruler who is dearest to me

He who is fierce, the very best, bold, Ultimate God, perfect, unborn, radiant like billions of suns; capable of redeeming all the three afflictions ofthe mundane existence, the weilder ofthe trident, I reverence the spouse of Parvatiji who is accessible only with feeling!

O Lord! You are the phaseless, auspicious, the terminator of the Kalpa! You always provide bliss to the noble, it was you who destroyed the demon of Tripura; you alone dispel all infatuation and illusion; you are the embodiment of the bliss that accrues by gaining knowledge; you are the Supreme God and foe of kaam; Please be gracious on me; be gracious on mel

Not until men reverence the lotus-feet of the spouse of Parvatiji that they get any solace or peace in this world or the next, nor their afflictions end. O ultimate dwelling place of all material things, Lord Shiv- be gracious on me, be gracious on me!

O Lord! O Shambho! O God! I neither know anything about yoga or penance nor about Ritual Worship. O Shambho! I ever reverence you only! Please redeem me from afflictions of age decay and sorrow; protect me by Your Grace!

Those who try to propitiate Lord Shiv by these eight verses created by the Brahman {Goswami Tuslidas) with fully receive the blessing of the Lord Shankar.