Vinaya Chalisa English

Vinaya Chalisa is preceeded by Sri Guru Vandana

Since I am devoid of faith and devotion and I am the one with the most impure mind, I am pitiable in all respects so I offer this prayer to you.
Jai jai Neem Karoli Baba, please give me your grace and true feelings.
How can I begin to sing your praises, when I don't even know the name of the place you are from?
All you need do is give the glance of grace, and disease, grief, sorrows, and poverty are snatched away.
People cannot fathom you, only those who receive your grace can sense who you are.
Offering you all, body, mind , and soul, one achieves that rare celestial happiness.
Seeing and touching you, Oh Lord, one has their home filled with happiness and wealth.

Jai jai, bestower of happiness to saints and devotees, giver of all powers, success, and wealth.
You are Vishnu, you are Rama, you are Krishna, roaming about you fulfill beneficial desires.
Jai jai jai jai Sri Bhagavanta, you are Hanuman incarnate.
Just as Vibhisana said, "I know the supreme truth (that)
Without God's grace one cannot meet saints, and with their grace comes the end of suffering.
I was convinced of this the day I had your darshan.
Whoever remembers you in their heart has all problems and obstacles destroyed.
Jai jai jai beloved guru, I am completely yours, body and soul.
Quickly now, give me your grace, give me that eternal peace which ends all suffering.
Purge me, please, of all disease, grief, and suffering, and let me spend all of my time meditating on and repeating the name of Rama.
Bless me with those boons by which I may live in a state of grace.
Let me overcome the tendency to swing between the opposites of extreme attachment and hatred that I may worship the divine above all else.
May I always serve the saints; Lord, in all respects you are capable of granting everything.
Give me everything and pull me out of this bog of existence.
I have come under your protection, Lord, and have reaped the results of my past good deeds.
Jai jai jai beloved guru, I adore you again and again.
You know what is going on in every home, your daily food is simple.
Your appearance and dress is so simple that no one can recognize you as a sadhu.
Oh Lord, this is just your manner if living, every word you say is enigmatic.
From an unbeliever one turns into a believer when the Master shows the whip of the light of consciousness.
Followers of all religions supplicate to you with bowed heads
You have neither self interest nor desire, instead you satisfy the desires of devotees.
Lord, how may I please you, that I may earn the prasad of your grace?
You are the protector of sadhus and righteous people, you are always a support to devotees.
Even wicked people who take your shelter have their wishes fulfilled.
This should come as no surprise, as it is most natural for saints.
Please now, have compassion, that this body and mind may become stainless and pure.
Whoever sings your glory daily has the aptitude for righteous thought and actions.
Such a one becomes saturated with virtue and attains all happiness and wealth.
One has all their longings fulfilled and attains eternal bliss.
The four gems of worldly life are not difficult to get through your grace.
Save me, protect me with your shelter. Take away my load of misery.
It is my privilege to have the great fortune of seeing and touching your wonderful form.
I have carefully placed a few flowers of faith at you feet.
Oh, ocean of grace, my dearest guru and Lord, please accept them.