Vrindavan Ashram

Neeb Karori Baba Vrindavan AshramThe wonderful Neeb Karori Baba Vrindavan Ashram is located in Krishna’s holy city of Vrindaban on the plains of Uttar Pradesh. The first temple was inaugurated in 1967. This ashram is on Parikrama Marg a short ways from Mathura Road. It was in Vrindaban that Maharaj-ji chose to leave His body in 1973.

Within this ashram is the Mahasamadhi Mandir of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba. This is the site of Maharaj-ji's Mahasamadhi Bhandara in September. This ashram has experienced a lot of growth, including addition of a Ram-Sita-Laxshman-Hanuman Mandir, new ashram rooms, new paint, an excellent new kitchen, and large meeting hall.

Maharajji's Vrindavan Ashram has Beautiful Gardens during several months of the year.

Some westerners are permitted to stay at this ashram. A letter of introduction and prior arrangement with the ashram are a must if you wish to stay in the ashram.

For more information, contact the Ashram Manager. Address: Baba Neeb Karori Ashram, Parikrama Marg Goshala, Vrindaban, Dist: Mathura, UP 281121, India, Telephone: (0565) 2443111 (IMPORTANT NOTE: This telephone number was corrected Sept 26, 06. The previous number had a 7 instead of a 2.)

Samadhi Temple at Vrindavan Dham
Babaji Maharaj has already fixed the date of His leaving this mortal body. He had to choose a place for the cremation of His body and to prepare back-ground for His devotees to build a commemorative temple. Babaji had already got a yajna performed for nine days in the premises of the temple by His devotee Vishambhar from Aligarh on the occasion of Chaitra Navratra in March-April, 1973.

The place situated between the dharamshala on the northern side of the courtyard and the boundary wall of the temple on the south side leaving one third of the area of the courtyard on either side. Thus the place was sanctified by adoration of the goddess Durga. Babaji ordered that this small area be blockaded and its sanctity should be maintained.

Babaji left His mortal body in Ramakrishna Mission hospital at night 10 September 1973. Inspired by Babaji's mystic power, Pagal Baba advised His devotees that His physical body be merged with elements inside the ashram. The devotees, accordingly, made a platform of sandal-wood and cremated Baba's physical body on the sacred festival of Ananta Chaturdashi, on 11 September.

A commemorative temple to preserve Baba's mortal remains was built by His devotees on that very spot. The perculiarity of this temple is that it merges the architecture of all, a temple, a mosque, church, Gurudwara and Pagoda. After all Babaji belongs to all.

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