Controller General

Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiIn Allahabad, near Rambagh Station, there was an old Hanuman temple.

Maharajji used to call the Hanuman murti there "Controller General" He often sent people to see it, saying, "Go and meet Controller General."

It was a very old temple on a high pedastal with narrow stairs and not much space, so a new temple was proposed.

Ojhaji was on the committee, along with Mr. Barghav, and they came to discuss the project with Babaji.

They thought there should be a new murti also, but Babaji said, "No, no. No other murti. Take thisHanumanji there' "

Mr. Barghav didn't like the idea, so he said, "Maharajji, I cannot decide this myself. I shall put it before the committee."

After some time, Barghav came and said the committee did not approve; the old murti was to be left and a new one installed. Maharajji said, "Thik hai, if Hanumanji wants, he will come there himself." A few days later, the old temple collapsed and, although the murti fell down, it was not harmed. There was then no alternative but to install it in the new temple.

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