A Favor to Ishwar Chandra

Maharaj brought Ishwar Chandra Tewari with him from Kanpur to Kainchi and made him stay for a month.

Tewari's economic condition was not good. He worked for the Milk Board and had a large family. He had the responsibility of the marriages of his daughters, and his family was not able to arrange for provisions in his absence.

After receiving a pathetic letter from home, he was weeping quietly in his room at the ashram when his friend Bhagwati Sevak Bajpai of Kanpur came and asked why he was crying. Tewari showed him the letter and told him about the situation.

Bajpai kept quiet, but some time later he went into Baba's kuti. On seeing him Baba said, "Tewari is weeping? Received a letter from home? Fetch it and show it to me." Bajpai went to Tewari's room to get the letter.

Tewari drank a little water to compose himself and then, taking the letter with him, went to ask Baba's permission to return home. Aggrieved by his suffering, Baba said, "Not you, he [Bajpai] will go and see."

He sent Bajpai to Kanpur at once. Bajpai arrived the next day and went to his own house to get his car. Then he went straight to Tewari's house and asked the family about the things they needed.

The members of Tewari's family were surprised and said, "What are you talking about? Only yesterday you brought all the foodstuffs here in this very car and gave us sixty rupees for miscellaneous expenses."

Bajpai was baffled. He went back to Kainchi the same day and told Tewari all about it. Tewari was overwhelmed by Baba's favor.