An Incorrect Diagnosis

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiWhen Kehar Singh's son was seven years old, he was diagnosed with bone TB in his leg.

Dr. Gauri Shankar Bhargava had the boy admitted to Balrampur Hospital and put his foot in plaster. Shortly thereafter Dr. Bhargava was transferred, and the doctor who replaced him did not take much interest in the boy, which worried his mother.

Meanwhile Baba arrived in Lucknow and stayed at Hariram Joshi's house. After some time he said, "Kehar Singh's son is sick. I am going to the hospital to see him."

He went to the hospital, and smiling at the boy, he said to his mother, "He has been given the wrong treatment. He has no bone TB. Take him home and he will recover."

For Kehar Singh ji, Baba's word was God's word. He immediately took the boy home and stopped all treatment. One day he showed the leg to Dr. Mathur and asked for his opinion. Looking at the boy's leg, Dr. Mathur said that it was certainly not TB and removed the plaster. The boy regained his health without any medicine.