An Offering of Kachauris

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiOne of the mothers from Bhowali used to come to Kainchi every Tuesday when Baba was there to offer him kachauris [stuffed deep-fried bread]. The kachauris were simple and made with love. Baba ate them with relish and called the woman Kachauri Mai.

In September 1973, thinking that Baba was no longer alive, she discontinued her routine.

However, in February 1976 she had a dream in which she was standing with the empty plate on which she used to offer her kachauris to Baba. Baba took the empty plate from her and said, "You have not brought kachauris. You think I am not alive. I still live at Kainchi. You must bring kachauris."

The woman woke up and decided to continue her previous routine again starting the next Tuesday.


On that Tuesday it was snowing all over the hills. Taking the kachauris with her, she reached Kainchi, where all the rooms of the ashram were locked and only the temples were open. She saw that the door on the northeast side of Baba's kuti was ajar. She pushed it open further with her hand, and with one foot inside the doorsill and the other outside, she just glanced over at Baba's takhat.

She was wonderstruck when she saw Baba sitting on it in human form. Both his hands were placed on the takhat, and his feet rested on the floor as if he were waiting for someone. She ran out, all the way back home, and remained in an unbalanced state of mind for about three months. Finally Sri Ma persuaded her to start her routine again. She recovered from her shock and once again began offering kachauris.