Ask Your Guru

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiA man lived in Bhowali, and was the disciple of a renowned saint. He and his guru also sometimes came to visit Baba.

Impressed by the fact that many people were devoted to Baba, the man also wanted to find out more.

Baba always remained indifferent to those who wanted to test him.

The man was disappointed as he could not to get an opportunity to talk to him.

At the same time he was not able to suppress his desire to be near him.

One day he waited for a long time at Bhowali to get a bus to Kainchi.

All of a sudden he felt disheartened and decided not to go to Kainchi after all. It also came to his mind that Baba would give darshan of his own accord, if he were an enlightened saint.

He was thinking this, when Baba came and stood before him. He was amazed and offered Pranams before Baba.

Baba said, "What can I tell you? You ask your Guru whatever you want to know.