Disease Taken Away

Neeb Karori Baba MaharajjiIn the last week of March 1972 Kehar Singh ji came down with the flu. Then, in the beginning of April, he suffered from diarrhea.

He was unable to retain even a drop of water and became emaciated by the long illness. Doctors thought of giving him glucose and a blood transfusion since his condition had become so serious that he was not able to move at all.

One night he said to himself in distress, I shall pass the days in misery. This life will be a hell for me. In utter helplessness he thought of Maharaj. He prayed to him either to make him fit to live or to let him die. That night while the whole world slept, Baba heard Kehar Singh ji's silent prayer.

At Vridavan ashram, two hundred and seventy-five kilometers away, Baba at once took the disease upon himself. He suffered a severe attack of diarrhea. His clothes were soiled and cleaned again and again by the mothers at the ashram.

Baba was given a variety of treatments, all of which failed. Everyone was worried, but Kehar Singh ji slept soundly that night. He did not have diarrhea for the next three days and thereafter recovered without any medicine. His prayer was answered.

At Vrindavan ashram, Baba got up at about five thirty in the evening of the next day. He bathed himself and talked cheerfully to everyone as usual. Sri Ma knew that Baba had taken someone else's disease upon himself in order to relieve the sufferer, but no one knew who had received that grace.

One of Baba's devotees, who had been in Vrindavan while Baba was sick, returned to Lucknow and told Kehar Singh ji that Baba had been in bad shape because of diarrhea. He told him the date that Baba had taken ill. It was the same night that Kehar Singh ji had prayed to Baba to cure his diarrhea. Kehar Singh felt remorse when he came to know that Baba had endured pain because of him.