About neemkarolibaba.com
This is Maharaj-ji's Web site. It has begun from the efforts of a western devotee of Maharaj-ji's who has a home in Taos. The web site is not a part of the organization of any one of Maharaj-ji's ashrams, but is an independent entity known as "Neem Karoli Baba Website(s)". The site is not affiliated with the organization of the Hanuman Foundation or Hanuman Tape Library in California.

Version 1 of Maharaj-ji's web site was complied between September 1998 and May 1999, mostly in India and mostly from within or around Maharaj-ji's ashrams in Vrindaban and Kainchi. Hundreds of digital photos were taken in India and some of them appear here to reflect the current puja and festival activities in Maharaj-ji's India Ashrams, as well as Maharaj-ji's American Ashram in Taos, NM. The new materials were added to a two year old website (containing mostly scanned photos of Maharaj-ji) that was at geocities.com. This produced the current site. This site (version 1.0) is first uploaded between June 1st and 5th, 1999.

This site is viewed as a "destination point" and does not offer outbound links except for emails to associated ashrams and temples listed herein. Maharaj-ji's site does not offer commercial items for sale. However, limited commercial items in the nature of puja items, photos of Sri Maharaj-ji, kirtan music tapes, and other items are available at some of these ashrams. This website offers information on Neem Karoli Baba "the guru of gurus" to those wishing to know more.

Ashram and Temple listings on this website are updated twice a year, and contain only a few photos and info of general schedules and contact listings. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Maharaj-ji's ashrams directly for more information. Individual ashrams may have self-generated Web-sites to describe & announce festivals, etc. When available links will appear on that ashram's page within this site.

This site is not, however, about the ashrams. This site is about Maharaj-ji. An Indian devotee who was with Maharaj-ji for many years said that Maharaj-ji will give you anything you want, power, wealth, marriage, many children, or (even things that you should not really want). Such is His power. But if you take any of these things as the gift, then you have missed the real gift. The real gift is Maharaj-ji Himself.

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