Maharaj-ji established at least 108 temples, fed millions of people, advised government and corporate leaders, performed what can be called Miracles, influenced current American and Indian society, brought grace into the lives of countless suffering people, and all the while remained out of the "public eye."

It is believed that by the time Maharaj-ji was 17 years old He knew EVERYTHING. This is to be taken to mean a knowing that is actually incomprehensible to you and me. A knowing that is all. The knowing of Bhagvan. The knowing of God. There are stories contained in this website and in the books referred to herein that hope to in some way help to tell of the Grace and Love of this truly remarkable being. Maharaj-ji had nothing and Maharaj-ji had everything.

In the late 60's an American known as Baba Ram Dass authored books telling of Neem Karoli Baba and hundreds of westerners went for Maharaj-ji's darshan. Maharaj-ji was elusive as the stories tell, but many were allowed to be in His presence and they tell stories that are a wonderment of love and grace and lilas and mostly awe.

Now, there appears to be three Maharaj-ji's. One is the historical Maharaj-ji. This Maharaj-ji seems to have taken birth and lived a "traceable" life in time. Secondly, there is the "formless" Maharaj-ji. This Maharaj-ji is the Maharaj-ji that we apparently connect with on our "inner" dimension. Thirdly, there is the Maharaj-ji that exists in form "now"; the Maharaj-ji who is reported seen and experienced; the Maharaj-ji who never actually died. This is Maharaj-ji who is a "time-traveler". We are just beginning to learn about that Maharaj-ji and some of His effects in the world.

Maharaj-ji taught many people. These teachings continue today. The teaching was very subtle or literally a knock on the head. Maharaj-ji's teachings seem to have been totally individual. Each devotee would have the answer or the help they needed in the way that was best suited to their needs. When devotees remembered Him, Maharaj-ji would rush to them to help and protect them. This seems to be going on to this day.

Maharaj-ji seems to be continually visiting people and helping them since He "left His body" in Vrindaban in 1973. One devotee said that he thought the greatest miracle was what Maharaj-ji has done since then. Maharaj-ji has visited, helped, guided, fed, and called into service so many in the last twenty-five years. Maharaj-ji never went away. For this we can be grateful.

This website is dedicated to Neem Karoli Baba. It contains information about books about Maharaj-ji published in America and India. It contains some stories about Neem Karoli Baba. It contains a number of photos of Maharaj-ji. It contains information on a few of Maharaj-ji's temples and ashrams. There is also a section on the practices done at Maharaj-ji's ashrams in India. In the audio & video section, you can hear Maharaj-ji speak and see a short video of Maharaj-ji. There are devotees of Maharaj-ji in homes, ashrams, and temples all over the world, this website is for you.

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