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Maharaj-ji Said:
Quotes from Sri Neem Karoli Baba

Books About Neem Karoli Baba
Maharaj-jni didn't write any books, but there are books about Him.
The Story of the Recording From Kabirdas
Maharajji did not allow anyone to tape record his voice, here's how 3 recording were made.

From Talks with Gurudat Sharma
Maharajji reflected in a few stories from Gurudat Sharma.

From Talks with Usha Bahadur
Maharajji reflected in a few stories from Usha Bahadur.

Baba Neem Karauli Sant Maharaj
Article by Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Pande - from 1998 Vrindaban Bhandara

From "By His Grace"
20 experiences excerpted from book by Dada Mukerjee
From "The Near and the Dear"
20 experiences excerpted from book by Dada Mukerjee

From "Bunch of Memories"
Excerpts from book by Srimata Kamla Mukerjee "Didi"

"The Start" - An early Western Look at Sri Neem Karoli Baba
From the forward of early book of Ram Dass lectures..., printed only in UK.

"Guru as Deus Ex-machina"
An amazing story of Prosperity Consciousness
by Ram Rani
"About Guru Purnima - About Guru"
The Sanskrit root "Gu" means darkness or ignorance. "Ru" denotes the remover of that darkness. Therefore one who removes darkness of our ignorance is a Guru.
"About Baba-ji's Name"
The name Neem Karoli Baba is a misnomer. It seems to have begun in the 60s among Western Devotees. Baba's name is really Neeb Karori Baba.
"About Laxmi Narayan Sharma"
Maharajji was born in the village Akbarpur (Firozabad district) of Uttar Pradesh (India) in a wealthy Brahmin jameedar (landlord) family. He was born on Shukla Paksh Ashtmi in the month of Margsheersh and was named Laxmi Narayan Sharma by his father Shri Durga Prasad Sharma.
"Maharaj-ji's Rams"
These are Rams written by Maharaj-ji in His diary. Click to see or download a larger version.

Map of some of the places associated with Maharaj-ji

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