Galleries of Photographs of Maharaj-ji

The photographs of Maharaj-ji in the galleries above were gathered from a number of sources. The "First Gallery" contains 89 photo images that were scanned several years ago for the first site. At Guru Purnima time a few years ago, Dasaratha brought a photo album of Maharaj-ji to be scanned and included. These are in Gallery 2. An image file numbering / naming system began then. Later someone brought Balaram's 2 discs of photos for inclusion. These are in Gallery 3. Currently images are slowly be gathered for inclusion in the next gallery. Larger thumbnails and 72dpi 600 pixel images have been posted in Photo Gallery 2 & 3.
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First Gallery - 89 photo images
Gallery 2 - 125 photo images
Gallery 3 - 128 photo images
A remarkable Gallery of Maharaj-ji photos and satsang photos at EventImage

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