From "By His Grace" by Dada Mukerjee

Defense Minister has Maharaj-ji's Darshan

When I first went to Kainchi the construction of the main buildings was over, but there were few bathrooms and latrines. For his morning toilet, Babaji used to go into the fields, several furlongs away. Moti Ram and I would accompany him in the jeep. After finishing his toilet, Babaji would sometimes sit by the river; then returning to the road he would sit on the parapet giving darshan.

One day while Baba was sitting on the parapet, Mr. Chavan, the Defense Minister of India, was returning from Ranikhet with a large
number of army officials. He was riding by in his car, and when he saw Babaji, he came out and prostrated before him. "Baba, it has been six years since I last had your darshan. This has been a very difficult time for us -there was the trouble with China and then the war with Pakistan. "

The army officials, including a general, were gathered around Baba. Babaji said, "India is the land of gods. Nobody can take it by war and conquest. But if politicians give away the land in political games, who can prevent that?" Pointing to the soldiers standing there, he continued, "These are the people who have fought for the country. I went to the war fronts in Kashmir and other places and saw for myself what a fine job they were doing. " Prasad was brought from the ashram and then Baba asked them to go.

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