From "By His Grace" by Dada Mukerjee

Naga Babas Came from Badrinath

One day in 1973 three Naga babas came from Badrinath and they were given rooms in the outside dharmashala. They said they would need plenty of wood for their havan fire and various other provisions. "In Ayodhya fifty-four items of food are prepared for Ram. We have got a statue of Ram and we also offer Him prasad and must prepare it"

One day, however, they wanted some ganja [marijuana]. This was a problem. I asked some of the ashram people who I knew were great smokers, but they pretended to have never heard of ganja. I did not know what was to be done, but a Westerner heard me asking and said, "Dada, I can give you some, " So the ganja was given to them.

Babaji said, "Dada, it is good that you have done this. They live in the open and do not wear clothes, so the ganja will protect their bodies. They are accustomed to it, therefore they should have it" But there was a chance of having some entertainment from this. The next day when he was sitting outside with many persons around he said, "Look at Dada. Those sadhus have come and want so many things every day and he is running and getting it all for them. Tomorrow when they ask for a woman, let me see where he gets one."

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