Stories from "Bunch of Memories
By Didi Mukerjee

First Darshan of Neem Karoli Maharaj
June 17, 1955 at 157 Colonelganj, Allahabad

I was working as a lecturer in Govt. Training College, Allahabad since Jan. 1946. Mrs. E.B. Joshi was the principal of the college that time. She was very well known throughout the State on account of her deep knowledge and wisdom. Later on she was selected in Indian Administrative Services and joined her new post in 1952. This college was completely shifted to Agra in July 1950. All the teachers and the students resided together in one hostel at Agra. The Banglow allotted to the principal was quite spacious and was at a little distance. I and one of my fellow lecturers used to go for sleep at night in that particular bungalow. In the evening Smt. Joshi would talk to us regarding many subjects and we felt ashamed on account of our ignorance about these subjects. One day in 1950-51 during her talks about the saints and sages she referred to one saint who used to come from Almorah. She told that he is omniscient omnipresent and whatever comes out of his mouth becomes truth. Since the very day I developed an intense desire to see this miraculous Baba.

In July 1952 the college was shifted from Agra to Allahabad again. One girl student Km. Nandi Pant took her admission in 1954-55. She lived near my house in 157 Colonelganj just on the opposite side. She lived with her mother, father and one brother. One day this very student told me that some saint visits her house and jocularly tears the currency notes and says to pick it up and go to vegetable vendor and give it to him. When she goes to the market with note and all the way thinking in her mind that if the note is found in pieces she shall feel ashamed and the vegetable vender shall not accept it. But when she goes and opens her closed hand she surprisingly finds this note to be intact. She is struck with wonder, pays to vegetable vender and comes back with vegetable to her home. She must have seen very many miracles like this before also. One morning my desire became more intense to get the Darshan of this great saint.

I requested Nandy to please let me know whenever this saint visits her house next. I would like to have his darshan.

On June 17,1955 at about 9.30 in the evening Shri Shantimoy Roy proprietor Esray & Co. Chowk, Allahabad a fast friend of prof. Mukerji, had come and were talking something during dinner. My brother-in-law was also sitting by his side there. My mother-in-law and Maternal aunt were busy in there pooja, Arti and Jap in Pooja Room. I saw Km. Nandi Pant coming in my courtyard swiftly. I was the first to see her. On meeting she informed that Swamy Ji has just arrived and she wanted me to come to her house for Darshan. Without thinking anything I got ready within no times. But a thought came into my mind to customarily inform my mother-in-law and maternal aunt about it before leaving. When I told them about this these two ladies also became ready with out giving any thoughts. It was also necessary to inform Prof. Mukerjee before going. Keeping this thing in my mind I went near the outer gate where prof. Mukerjee was sitting. I informed him that we are going out to neighbours house for a short while and shall return soon.

Mr. Shantimoy Roy sarcastically remarked "where are you people going in the night?"

I replied that we are going to have Darshan of a Mahal ma who has come in neighbour's house.

Mr. Shantimoy Roy said smilingly but in higher tone of his voice "Ask your Baba whether he would like to eat something?" (Shanti Dada was fond of hunting and would often go to jungles for this and would bring deers and Antelopes) There are still some stuffed pieces in his house hanging on the walls of his room. Here he meant non-veg preparations for his meals. While going I simply said "one should not talk like this to saints and sages."

When we reached in her house we found Maharaji Ji Iying on a bamboo cot covered with an ordinary durry. He immediately got up after he saw us and asked,

"Where from you have come?"

We told him our names and addresses as well. After introduce ing ourselves we hoped Maharaj ji would ask us to sit. After waiting for a moment we wanted to sit. As soon as we were ready to sit down he said "go and serve tea to Bengali friend of your husband who has come there", I said "my brother-in-law is there to serve them tea."

"No, you go and serve him tea".

"Kamla! you go I shall come to your house tomorrow". After hearing this we had no courage to disobey him. We came back immediately after 5 minutes. Every body was quite anxious to see us back so soon and asked us as to "what happened?" When Shanti Dada heard our narrations he too was astonished.

I was quite disappointed after my immediate return. Prof. Mukerji also got un-nerved but did not divulge his anxiety. Various thoughts came into my mind through out the night. I thought whether Prof. Sahib would like to come along with us to bring Baba Ji to our house tomorrow? If he does not go what shall I do then? When I said to Prof. Mukerji next day in the morning, he after washing his face and hands became ready to bring him to his house, I put on chappels while going out as I have no habits to go on roads barefooted. No sooner we entered his room and saluted him, he saw Dada and got up immediately and said "let us go."

I had spread one bed sheet on the Wooden Cot in my mother in law's room and put one pillow and a hand made fan before going to bring him. I had also put curtains on the windows too. After arrival he sat on this wooden cot and said.

"This is my house. Now onwards I shall stay with you."

Whenever Maharajji came to Allahabad he stayed with us here onwards. There used to be great rush of visitors and devotees. He used to come in any month and used to bring some of his devotees along with him. My house was of old style and was full of inconveniences .

Whenever he came he use to say to us

"When are you going to build your house"?

"Why have you not purchased the land uptill now"?

"When you will build your house"?

"Kamla will get her house built".

"It shall get built automatically".

When he came next he said to Dada, "Dada you will have to leave this house soon. Your Maternal uncle shall soon insist you to vacate his house."

After few months Improvement Trust Allahabad auctioned no. of plots belonging to Colonelganj Inter College. We purchased one plot out of these plots. This present house was built on this very plot.

Third time when he came he put up a question "Have you built up your house"?

Prof Mukerjee kept mum after hearing his question and said "I have purchased the land."

"When you will build your house"?

"Kamla! tell me how much bricks are required"?

I said "I have no idea Baba only Engineers can tell." Instantaneously he would say "Kamla shall get it built".

"It shall get built automatically".

We purchased land in the year 1957 and it was built under the supervision and guidance of Shri N.K. Agarwal and Shri K.K. Agarwal Engg. Architects and contractors. The construction started in the month of February and was completed in the month of July. We shifted to this house (4 Church Lane) on 14th July 1958.

Maharaj Ji came soon and was very happy to see the progress and said this house is excellent and gave a name to this house as "Red House" because this house was painted with red colour.

"......and the Bus stopped"
5th Feb, 1971 .

It was 5th of February 1971 and almost last days of winter season. Maharaj Ji used to stay in 4, Church Lane during winters and he would go to Sangam with some devotees quite frequently. On Feb.6, Dada, Ashoka, Siddhi Didi and Jayanti Didi had gone for darshan of lying Hanuman at Sangam area and were thinking to return back to this home. Suddenly we saw a large tourist bus coming from the opposite direction. We were on foot and Maharaj Ji with Dada were leading us. The Bus suddenly came to an halt there was some whispering in the bus which could be easily heard by the pilgrims on the road side. We saw a long row of tall and white people of both sexes getting down from the Bus. We heard "There he is." We could not found out who said this. Prof. Richard Albert Ram Das (the names given by Maharaj Ji), Jagannath Das, Dwarka, Rameshwar Das, Balram Das and many others got down immediately and prostrated before Maharaj Ji .

Maharaj Ji said:

"come to my place."


"4, church Lane the Red House".

"at there time?"

"6, clock in the evening".

I myself was thinking that it is going to be 5 P. M. here only and how shall I manage to reach before them and arrange for their tea and breakfast? Any way we got satisfied as there was no need to fear when Maharaj li was there.

Immediately after we returned we put on 2 big size Bhagona on the fire full of water for their tea. We got Bread, Butter, Namkin and large quantity of sweets from the market. They arrived exactly at 6 P. M. We were shocked to see their punctuality. Dada ran towards the gate for welcome and embraced Ram Das, Jaganath Das, Rameshwar Das, Hari Ram Das, Marium and Krishna Das etc. and brought them into our House after Hello hello. Our neighbours had never seen such a large number of foreigners. Males and female members including children of our lane were peeping through windows of their houses. Even pedestrians be came anxious and started looking at them. The sweet sound of 'Hare Ram Hare Krishna' kirtan started buzzing in the atmosphere. All of them were standing and singing charmingly in the kirtan Bhawan. I also used to leave my kitchen work and very frequently came to see and hear their kirtan.

Meanwhile Baba said "Dada give them tea" When these words fell on my ears I came in Kitchen swiftly. Mr. Mukund Joshi Accounts officer A.G.U.P. his wife and Smt. Rama and aunt of Shri Rajiv Pandey to whom I called my beloved Babhi soon joined me and started serving tea while and boys were supporting them in distribution of various types of sweets, Namkin, fruits. Prasad was served to all foreigners who were sitting on the floor in lines. Prof. Richard Albert was the main person present. Everybody took the prasad happily and in a jubilant moods. Jululation and excessive amount of happiness was apparent on every face of the visitor. When they were taking tea Baba said "Let them have meals also".

After hearing Baba's orders Bhabhi Ji and Rama etc. went into the kitchen and started cooking Masur Dal, potato vegetable and chapatis.

Meal was ready with in very short time. Everybody took meals as it was a Baba's wish. It was going to be 10 P.M. and Maharaj Ji wanted them to go. While going Ram Das dared to ask Baba

"Baba! when shall we come?"

"Tomorrow at 6 A.M."

On 6th of Feb. the Tourist Bus came in front of our door exactly at 6 A.M. I had already got the tea ready for them. Maharaj Ji was in his sleeping room. All these foreign devotees were anxious to see Maharaj Ji. Dada instructed them to "Please sing Ram Ram". The tea and breakfast was served to them. Maharaj ji came out after few moments and gave Darshan to all of them. By that time a bucket full of Jalebi was brought from the local market. Everybody was served plenty of Jalebi in leaf plates and then they were asked to go. Everyone of them was happy and did pranams to Baba and got into the their Tourist Bus and went.

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