From "The Near and the Dear" by Dada Mukerjee
Strange are the ways of devotees. Their exuberant love, devotion to their masters, their unusual behavior in expressing their master's gifts to them, and the raising of their gracious master to the status of a divine being or God, are all no doubt repugnant to our common sense or mind. But true devotees are not interested in what we think of them and are not affected by our comments. They enjoy the ecstasy of their devotion to the one they call Khuda or Bhagwan and the bliss that flows from there.

A Gift from Babaji

Baba, You are the Saint of Saints

Maharaj-ji's Surprising Appearance at Panki

Help for the Old Mother of the Maharaj of Vizianagrarn

Hanuman in Prayag

Police Superintendent Gets His Post

Maharaj-ji Saved the Governor

The Story of Bhabania

Babaji Leaves at Night

Talaya Baba

Sanctity of Prasad

Story of the Leaf Plates

The Temple is a Place of God

About the Role of Sadhus

About Asking God

Maharaj-ji Asks for a Car

An Old Lady Remembers Maharaj-ji from Long Ago

About Running Ashram

Faith in God

A Few Quotes

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