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Om Ak-han-da - man-dal-la-ka-ram
Vyap-tam ye-na cha-ra-cha-ram
Tat-pa-dam-dar-shi-tam ye-na
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Ajna-na - ti-mir - and-has-ya
Jnan-an-ja-na - al-la-ka-ya
Chak-sur - un-mi-li-tam ye-na
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Gu-rur - brah-ma gu-rur - vish-nu
Gu-rur de-vo ma-hesh-wa-rah
Gu-rur - sak-shat pa-ram brah-ma
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Stha-va-ram jan-ga-mam vyap-tam
Yat - kin-chit - sa-cha-ra cha-ram
Tat - pa-dam dar-shi-tam ye-na
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Chin-ma-yam vya-pi-tam sar-vam
Trai-lok-yam sa-cha-ra cha-ram
A-sit-vam dar-shi-tam ye-na
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Sar-va sru-ti si-ro-rat-nah
Vi-ra-ji-ta pa-dam-bu-jah
Ve-dan-tam-bu-ja-sur-yo yas
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Chai-tan-yam shas-va-tam san-tam
Vyo-ma-ti-tam ni-ran-ja-nam
Na-da bin-du ka-la-ti-tam
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Jna-na shak-ti sa-ma-ru-dhah
Tat-tva ma-la vib-hu-si-tah
Bhuk-ti muk-ti - pra-da-ta cha
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

A-ne-ka jan-ma sam-prap-ta -
Kar-ma band-ha vi-da-hi-ne
At-ma jna-na pra-da-ne-na
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Sho-sha-nam bha-va sin-dho-sca
Jna-pa-nam sa-ra sam-pa-dah
Gu-ror pa-do-da-kam sam-yak
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Na gu-ror - ad-hi-kam tat-vam
Na gu-ror - ad-hi-kam ta-pah
Na gu-ror - ad-hi-kam Jna-nam
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Man-nath-ah sri ja-gan-nat-hah
Mad-gu-ruh sri ja-gad-gu-ruh
Ma-dat-ma sar-va bhu-tat-ma
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Gu-ru-ra-dir - ana-dis-ca
Gu-ruh pa-ram dai-va-tam
Gu-ror - pa-ra - ta-ram nas-ti
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Yat - sat-ye-na ja-gat - sar-va
Yat - pra-ka-se-na bhran-ti-yat
Yad - a-nan-de-na nan-dai-ti
Tas-mai sri-gu-ru-ve na-mah

Nit-ya-sud-dham ni-ra-bha-sam
Ni-ra-ka-ram ni-ran-ja-nam
Nit-ya-bod-ham chi-da-nan-dam
Gu-rur - brah-ma na-mam-ya-ham

Dhya-na - mu-lam Gu-ror - murtim
Pu-ja - mu-lam Gu-ror - pa-dam
Mant-ra - mu-lam Gu-ror - vak-yam
Mok-sha - mu-lam Gu-ror - kri-pa

Na-ma-mi sri-gu-ru - pa-da - pal-la-vam
Sma-ra-mi sri-gu-ru - na-ma - nir-ma-lam
Pas-ya-mi sri-gu-ru - ru-pa - sun-da-ram
Srno-mi sri-gu-ru kir-tim ad-bhu-tam

Salutations to the Guru, by whose grace the One Infinite Reality that pervades the manifestation is revealed.

Salutations to the Guru, who opened the eyes of the one blinded by the darkness of ignorance with the needle coated with the ointment of knowledge.

Salutations to the Guru, the enlightened spiritual teacher, who is Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the protector, and Maheshwara, the destroyer and who is indeed the limitless Brahman.

Salutations to the Guru, Who reveals the One to be known, Who permeates all that is movable and immovable, sentient and insentient.

Salutations to the Guru, who reveals the pervader of all three worlds comprising the sentient and insentient.

Salutations to the Guru, Who is the sun who causes the lotus of Vedanta to bloom and Whose lotus feet are made radiant by the jewel of all Shrutis.

Salutations to the Guru, Who is Pure Consciousness Itself. The Permanent One, Peaceful and Serene, pure and spotless, beyond sound, space and time, and who is beyond the manifest and unmanifest.

Salutations to the Guru, Who is rooted in knowledge that is power, adorned with the garland of Truth and Who is bestower of the joy of liberation.

Salutations to the Guru, Who burns up karma created by accumulated actions of innumerable births by igniting the fire of self-knowledge.

Salutations to the Guru, the perennial flow of wisdom from the One rooted in the vision of the Shruti completely dries up the ocean of transmigration and reveals the essence of all wealth.

There is no reality beyond the Guru, there is no austerity beyond the Guru, there is no knowledge beyond the Guru, Salutations to the Guru.

Salutations to the Guru, Who is my Lord and Who is the Lord of the Universe, my Guru Who is the Guru of the Universe, Who is the self in me and the Self in all beings.

Salutations to the Guru, Who is the beginning and the beginningless, Who is the highest deity and to Whom there are none superior.

Salutations to the Guru, by Whose reality the world is real, by Whose light all is illumined, and by whose bliss beings are blissful.

Salutations to the Guru, Who is the eternally pure Brahman, free from reflection, formless, taintless, eternally awake as pure consciousness and bliss.

The root of meditation is the form of the Guru, the root of worship is the feet of the Guru, the root of mantra is the word of the Guru, the root of liberation is the grace of the Guru.

I salute the dust of the feet of the Guru, I remember the pure name of the Guru, I adore the beautiful form of the Guru, I sing the glorious evil-destroying praises of the Guru.

Recordings of these kirtans can be found at some of Maharaj-ji's ashrams & temples, or at retail stores in India and America.

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