Sri Guru Vandana is sung at beginning of Vinaya Chalisa

Ban-da-u gu-ru pa-da kan-ja, kri-pa sind-hu na-ra-ru-pa hare

Ma-ha-mo-ha ta-ma pun-ja, ja-su ba-cha-na ra-vi ka-ra ni-ka-ra

Ban-da gu-ru pa-da pa-du-ma pa-ra-ga, au-ru-chi su-va-sa sa-ra-sa anu-ra-ga

Ami-a mu-ri-ma-ya chu-ra-na cha-ru, sa-ma-na sa-ka-la bha-va ru-ja pa-ri-va-ru

Suk-rti sam-bhu ta-na bi-ma-la vi-bhu-ti, man-ju-la man-ga-la mo-da pra-shu-ti

Ja-na ma-na man-ju mu-ku-ra ma-la ha-ra-ni,ki-e ti-la-ka gu-na ga-na ba-sa ka-ra-ni

Sri gu-ru pa-da nak-ha ma-ni ga-na jo-ti, su-mi-ra-ta div-ya drs-ti hi-ya ho-ti

Da-la-na mo-ha ta-ma so sa-pra-ka-su, ba-Re bha-ga u-ra a-va-I ja-su

Ug-ha-ra-hi bi-ma-la bi-lo-cha-na hi ke, mi-ta-hi do-sa duk-ha bha-va ra-ja-ni ke

Suj-ha-hi ra-ma cha-ri-ta ma-ni ma-ni-ka, gu-pu-ta pra-ga-ta ja-ham jo je-hi kha-ni-ka

To Vinaya Chalisa
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I bow to the lotus feet of my guru, who is an ocean of mercy and is Sri Hari in human form

Whose words are sunbeams for dispersing the mass of darkness of gross ignorance

I greet the pollen-like dust of the lotus feet of my guru, refulgent, fragrant, and flavored with love

It is a lovely powder of the life giving herb which allays the host of attendant ills of mundane existance.

It adorns the body of a lucky person even as white adorns the body of Lord Shiva and brings forth sweet blessings and joy

It rubs the dirt off the beautiful mirror of the devotee's heart, when applied to the forehead it attracts a host of virtues.

The nails on the feet of the beloved guru are like splendid gems which unfold divine vision in the heart by just thinking about them.

The lustre disperses the shades of infatuation; highly blessed is he in whose bosom it shines.

With its very appearance the bright eyes of the mind are opened, the attendant evils and sufferings of the night of the mind disappear.

Like gems and rubies are the stories of Sri Rama, both patent and hidden, which come to light wherever and whatever mine they may be in

To Vinaya Chalisa

Recordings of these kirtans can be found at some of Maharaj-ji's ashrams & temples, or at retail stores in India and America.

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