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This section has stories of Maharajji's lilas that have not be put in any of the other categories.

My Kundalini was Rising

MaharajjiI was sitting by the tucket when an Indian devotee read a newspaper (monotone voice) in Hindi to Maharaj.

Arrogantly, I must admit: I got bored, annoyed, and thought to myself why is this boring man reading this mundane stuff to Maharajji....

The next thing I knew, my kundalini was rising--what a rush--and my heart was filling with overwhelming Love, but before the energy reached my crown chakra, Maharajji placed his hand on my head and it all stopped.


God's Darshan

One day at Church Lane, Maharaj was in a happy mood, and only my mother, my wife, and I were sitting by his takhat. In that atmosphere my mother asked him, "Baba, show me God." At once Baba said, "You will see. You will see. You will see."

My mother remained ill for a long time and suffered a lot. When her end came, we observed many wonderful changes in her. All her suffering disappeared, and a great tranquility was seen on her face. An attractive radiance engulfed her.


No More Transfers

In 1968 I was in Central Services and had already spent sixteen years working in Allahabad. There was every possibility of my transfer at any moment since my service was transferable. I was past fifty years of age, my children were studying, and my wife and mother were both ill. If I was transferred to a distant place, our economic situation would worsen further, and I would not be able to look after everybody. I worried about it for many days.

Kehar Singh Ji

Once, Kehar Singh ji went from Lucknow to Kainchi and stayed at the forest rest house near the ashram. A short while after he arrived, he came down with a fever. In that state, he went to meet Baba and found him sitting on some pebbles by the road. As he was bowing to touch his feet, Baba took his hand out from under his blanket and extended it to him with a piece of kalakand in it. As Kehar Singh was in a hurry to pranaam before Baba, he took it, put it in his mouth at once, and placed his head on Baba's feet. When he raised his head, the fever was gone. Having thus recovered, he continued talking to Baba.

You Will Become President

The late former president V.V. Giri had developed faith in Maharaj ever since he had become the governor of Uttar Pradesh. He often went to have his darshan and reverentially prostrated himself before Baba. At times he went to Kainchi to get Maharaj and take him to Government House, where he extended all hospitality to him. When he contested the election for president, he came to Kainchi ashram for Baba's blessings and fell at his feet. Baba placed his hand upon his hand and said, "You want to win the election. Don't worry, you will become the president."

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