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Lilas of Maharajji

The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

About Murtis

From the beginning at Kainchi, Maharajji had the Hanuman temple, a Lakshmi-Narayana temple, and a Shiva temple. Much later a Devi temple was built. He told me, "Dada, the people in the hills do not accept and worship Hanumanji as God. They say he is nothing but 'monkey, monkey' They are devotees of the goddess, Devi. So long as there is not a Devi temple in the ashram, many will not come. But there is a difficulty in that the people often sacrifice goats in their Devi puja " So he had a Devi temple built there, but it was called Vaishnavi Devi, the devi that does not touch meat or take sacrifice.

From Gurudat Sharma

"Maharaj-ji was very much in motion. Before the ashrams were built He traveled very much. And when He stayed in houses He would frequently change the room in which He resided. And even when He stayed in the same room He would often change His position where He stayed (and slept) in the room."

Maharaj-ji and Gurudat Sharma were in Bhumiandar and they were staying at the ashram there. A group of local Ma's were in the habit of doing aarti to Maharaj-ji at the ashram each day. But today Maharaj-ji was not at the ashram. He was with Gurudat a couple of kilometers away sitting by the side of the road. After a while, the Ma's heard about Baba-ji's location and came and wanted to do aarti to Baba-ji right there by the side of the road. He would not allow this and sent them away again and again. Maharaj-ji said it wasn't right that they be would be doing aarti is this fashion right there on the road. Still they came back again..., and again. Gurudat told Maharaj-ji that the he didn't think that these Ma's were going to go away until they had done aarti to Him, as was their practice. Maharaj-ji relented and the Ma's were very happy. They had no matches to light the buti for the aarti lamp. They asked Gurudat, who replied that he did not smoke, so he had no matches. What could be done? Finally Maharaj-ji, took the buti in His hand, held His hand high in the air and in thirty second or so the buti was aflame. Thus these Ma's were able to do aarti to Maharaj-ji.

Kindness to a Devotee's Daughter

Shrimati Gyano, the daughter of Suraj Narayan Mehrotra, was very worried, for her son was seriously ill and had been admitted to a hospital in Shimla. She wanted to ask Baba to save his life, but she could only wait anxiously since she did not know his whereabouts. Maharaj was traveling by car from Vrindavan to Delhi with Kehar Singh ji and Jawaharlal Verma when Baba said to Kehar Singh ji, "Gyano is my devotee. If her son does not survive, I shall not be able to show my face." When he arrived at Verma's house in Delhi, he phone Gyano. Her husband said, "Gyano is crying. Our son is in the hospital, and his life is in danger." Baba asked him to give the phone to Gyano, and he said to her, "The boy has been given the wrong treatment. There is nothing wrong with him. Take him home and he will recover." Following Baba's instructions, they brought the boy home and his condition improved each day. He recovered without having any treatment.

The Story of Bhabania

There were rumors going around the ashrarn that Bhabania's opponents were seeking the intervention of Seth Jaipuria, an eminent industrialist and devotee of Babaji who had financed the construction of the Hanuman temple. He was interested in the proper running of the temple by a competent pujari and used to acquaint himself with the running of the temple by occasional visits and reports from others. Bhabania's opponents went to him with their reports. When Bhabania came to know that Shrijaipuria would come any day to see things for himself, he lost the strength and courage inspired in him by Babaji. He could not face the new challenge coming or struggle against it. The old days had returned with a plethora of troubles.

Controller General

In Allahabad, near Rambagh Station, there was an old Hanuman temple. Maharajji used to call the Hanuman murti there "Controller General" He often sent people to see it, saying, "Go and meet Controller General." It was a very old temple on a high pedastal with narrow stairs and not much space, so a new temple was proposed. Ojhaji was on the committee, along with Mr. Barghav, and they came to discuss the project with Babaji. They thought there should be a new murti also, but Babaji said, "No, no. No other murti. Take thisHanumanji there' "

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