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Lilas of Maharajji

The Lilas of Maharajji Section of contains book reports, stories from books about the lilas (Play of the Gods) of Neem Karoli Baba / Neeb Karori Baba, and stories about Maharajji's lilas that are not in any books.

An Old Lady Remembers Maharaj-ji from Long Ago

While prasad was being given, he came to his room, sat on his bed and asked for the door to be bolted. The room was already full. Many ladies had been waiting for him in his room, not in the hall in front of everyone. Loud talking and laughter could be heard from within the room. I was busy with some work when one lady came and almost dragged me to his room, saying that there was so much fun to be had. He was on his cot in his favorite posture - head resting on the upraised palm of his right hand and the left hand dangling and making gestures. There was an old lady, past seventy, arguing and refuting Baba's words. Baba was talking loudly: "Mother, I was dead, I was dead, but afterwards I was reborn in the mountains. I am not that Baba whom you had seen before. I am not that Baba." But she could not be silenced.

About Running Ashram

Babaji felt that when people were coming from distant places, in spite of all discomforts and difficulties, you had to pay full attention to them and treat them with care. Nobody should leave with the feeling that their warmth of love and devotion had been returned with cold indifference. He used to caution us, "No shame or disgrace should come to the ashram through your behavior. This is Hanumanji's ashram, so any reflection on this ashram will be a reflection on Hanumanji. One must learn from Hanumanji how one is to serve."

Faith in God

Babaji would sometimes wax eloquent while talking about contentment in life: " The real contentment comes only when there is no desire, no hankering in your mind for anything. How can you say that you have got everything and do not want anything more when you are holding an empty vessel in your hand? You might be saying this with your mouth, but there would always be the worry in your mind about how the pot could be filled, always looking from side to side with the expectation that somebody will come and fill it up.

A Few Quotes

"They came to fight with me. They wanted to burn the temple building. I knew what they were after and took up their challenge. If you had seen their condition you would have laughed. They ran for their lives and many of them soiled their trousers. Fools - they do not know me. Bigger battles I have fought and won. How could they know my strength? They are all fools."

The Man Who Had Died

Sri Neem Karoli Baba MaharajjiBabaji was in the habit of visiting a nearby village. One evening he came to the house of a devotee where he often took his food.

The lady of the house came out crying bitterly and said, "The person who used to serve you your food is lying there."

He lay dead, surrounded by the people who had come to arrange for his cremation.

Babaji sat down by the man, put a part of his blanket over the man's body, and began talking to the people around him.


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